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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mr_bilistic, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. mr_bilistic

    mr_bilistic Guest

    Ok, so I've been trying to do my homework so I can figure out exactly what to get for my studio. Here's what I've come up with, I'd appreciate it if anyone could look this list over and see if I'm missing anything, and see if they would change anyhting on this list, and why, or if this is a good set up to start with. I've included the links to everything as well for a better descritpion. THank you.

    Qty ItemID Description Wt
    1 CSRack Creation Station Rack 54
    1 DVItoVGA DVi to VGA Adapter 6
    2 LCD19VGA 19" Flat Panel Monitor 30
    1 Digi002R FireWire Pro Tools Interface 20
    1 WavesDemoCD Waves Demo v5 -2 Wk Trial 1
    1 PTPass 48-Hr Web Training Pass 0
    1 Command8 Control Surface 24
    1 OctoPre 8-Ch Mic Preamp 20
    1 OctoPreADAT OctoPre Lightpipe A-D Option 2
    1 BabyBottle Cardioid Condenser Mic 3
    1 BabyPopKit Baby Bottle Shock/Pop Kit 2
    1 BlueberryCab 20' Premium Mic Cable 3
    1 BabyBotPromo Free Pop Kit w/BabyBottle 0
    1 HP4 4-Ch Headphone Monitor 4
    1 I5plusPack I5/D6 Microphone Package 6
    1 NT5 Matched Pair Condenser Mics 8
    4 HD280Pro Closed Circumaural Headphones 4
    2 ASP8 8" Active Studio Monitor (ea) 45
    1 MoPad Monitor Isolation Pad (4 pc) 4
    1 MPC1000 Sampler/Sequencer 12
    3 BT4 Telescoping Boom Stand 14
    1 RoomProPlus Roominators Pro Plus Kit 294
    1 MB1 Telescoping Mini Boom Stand 17
    4 DVICE Gooseneck Drum Mic Clamp 1
    1 SM57 Dynamic Microphone 5
    1 ISA220 ‘Session Pack’ 28
    1 RoyerDemoCD Royer Mic Demo CD 1
    1 PlatNat Native Platinum Plug-in Bun. 3
    7 XLR20 20' XLRF - XLRM Cable 1
    1 0
    2 BPBQXM10 10' TRS - XLRM Cable 1
    1 0
    1 IPBQ2Q5 5' TRS - (2) TS 1
  2. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    i wouldn't go with the 002...
    check out RME products!!!
    bilistic how many tracks do you need to record at once???
    you're into hip-hop so how many at max???
    maybe you should look more into something like a rosetta 200!!!
    it's one of the best converters out there!!!
    the 002r is crap (for me...)
    maybe go with a rme card and a rosetta 200!!! you'll be much better this way!!!
  3. mr_bilistic

    mr_bilistic Guest

    well I want to try to start recording bands too, not just hip hop. could u give me a few reasons why u think the rosetta 200 and the rme card would be better then the 002 set up? I"d appreciate it. One.
  4. shock

    shock Guest

    One reason the Digi002 solution is better: You'll get ProTools.
  5. miks

    miks Guest

    please lets not start the PT fight again....... :evil:
  6. moonz

    moonz Guest

    woah...a "SWEETWATER" LCD monitor??

    Gee...I'm sure Sweetwater thinks you are the greatest...;-)

    I've always avoided buying from Sweetwater...not that I know they are not trustworthy, they just never seem to be very competitive on pricing, compared to, say, AmericanMusical, Music123, 8thStreet, SameDayMusic, Musician'sFriend, and other big-boy online musical gear vendors.

    Sometimes they can match prices with those other guyz, but they are never least that has always been my observation.

    And, I'm sure you won't get a deal from them on an LCD monitor...for that you should look to Newegg, or TigerDirect....maybe even MonitorsDirect.

    500 beans for an "analog only" LCD monitor is not cheap...not even for a 19 incher...and especially for one who's manufacturer allows Sweetwater to sell their products under the "Sweetwater" brand-name.

    Prices on LCD monitors have dropped in the last two months....look around...don't just give Sweetwater all your money because it is convenient.

  7. mr_bilistic

    mr_bilistic Guest

    reason why I'm getting it all from them is I know a dude that works there and he's hooking me up some on the price
  8. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    the conversion on the 002r is crap and you can look at numerous discussions here regarding the pro-tools... me personaly think that pro-tools LE is pure crap contrasting with pro-tools TDM...
    it's like saying you have a car from a certain brand but it's the cheapest car from it but you can say you have one that costs 15k and the best costs 100k...
    for that 15k there are other brands that are way better...
    for me it's the same in music! you are buying a name and not the product you expect! i'm not saying LE is garbage but compared to, say nuendo or cubase sx3 with a motu i'd go for the motu any day!!! better options, 24/96 (very important, maybe not for now but in around 2 years)
    as for the rosetta is one of the best converts out there! and since you're buying the isa 220 you'll have a great pre! (the pres on the 002 are below average for me...)

    for example xavier (aka maintiger) uses a motu 828 mkII for tracking and as a rosetta 200 connected to spdif for the overdubs and important tracks!
    maybe look into something like that!
    if you're into bands check the rme fireface 800

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