Am I outta my mind???

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Rob Cathcart, Dec 3, 2001.

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  1. Rob Cathcart

    Rob Cathcart Guest

    Don't answer that.

    Not to show how low budget my gear is but.....

    Have any of you hep cats used Cakewalk's FX3? I am blown away by it. I've got Acoustic Mirror as well and don't use it cuz this FX3 is so darn cool. Room sim with all kinda variables. Punk band? Slap 'em in a club setting. Strings? In a cathedral. Drums in an virtual bitchen room. Place various performers across the virtual soundstage. $*^t, I should write copy for these guys! I'm thinkin' this thing sounds great. Did I make that clear?

    Anyhoo, anybody with me? Agin' me? Whaddaya, whaddaya, whaddaya?

  2. miketholen

    miketholen Member

    Jan 28, 2001
    is that a reverb?...
    I have a Quantec QRS and would never dream of using a plugin...not fer a while anyway...still haven't found a soft reverb that sounds anything like a real/believable reverb.
    have you ever used a real chamber?
    if so I'm sure you fell in love with it.

    Well, the Quantec box sounds just like that chamber! no $*^t. I swear.
    You can tailor it to recreate any kind of space.
    even outer. :w:
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Hi Mike!

    Your repeated endorsements of the Quantec have definitely piqued my interest. Any rough estimate of what one of those babies would cost me? (preferably street price/USD)

    Thanks :w:
  4. Rob Cathcart

    Rob Cathcart Guest

    Yeah. I'd like to know the cost of the Quantec also altho' I'm not in buying mode at the moment.

    FX3 is a room simulator in which you can:

    Define sizes and positions for ceiling, floor, and up to seven walls. Select unique room characteristics like sound absorption, trapping and high-frequency damping. Place microphones and select microphone patterns, proximity adjustments, and separation distance. Position performers anywhere in room. Tailor EQ response curves for each performer. Assign audio tracks to individual performers. Hear audio match the performers' room position and proximity to microphone.

    Check it out:
    Cakewalk FX3

    Anyways......Bottom line is the sound. (Seems like I've heard that somewhere before). I was looking for anyone else who is using this product and/or has heard it. I'm thinkin' its great and just wanted to know what some different and perhaps more refined ears/minds think.

    Thanks fer playin'
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