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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kurz028, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Here's my situation everyone. I am a highschool senior and I have a HUGE interest in going to school for recording arts/sciences. The only issues is... umm getting into a school. My SAT scores are high and I have experience mixing for live shows (yes i even did one show for professionals), but most of the time I mix live audio for performance at church. What I'd like to know is everything that you guys know. I have an interview with Ithaca College on Dec. 11th and I have to listen to recordings and tell them whats wrong with them. What will they be looking for? What should I be looking for? Any advice or knowledge you'd like share with me? This program is really hard to get into (they take 15 students a year, I think) so thanks for any help!

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    Hi Kurz,
    I would look for some of the more obvious things in the recordings. If it's a vocal tune, determine if the lead vocal is loud enough, not loud enough, too loud, etc. Also, a common mistake made with background vocals is that sometimes they're too up front, overshadowing the lead vocal. Important as well are the pan positions. Is the point of focus (lead vocal for example) centered properly? have the drum tracks been panned in such a way as to give the ear a sense of listening to a live drum kit...i.e. snare centered, hat slightly right of center, rack toms very slightly left of center, floor tom a little more left of center? Lastly, are the instruments in tune with one another? Are we sure that the guitarist doesn't have a slightly out of tune "b" string?
    Just a few examples for you, and I hope they help you on Dec 11th.
    Take care,
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    Only thing I have to say is that if you have been mixing for live shows, just approach the song in a way you'd be mixing the show. Is the bass drum and bass sitting well in the mix. Vocals are clear and upfront if needed in that style, etc.....You know how it works and if your good at mixing shows, there shouldn't be a problem. One more tip, listen to music 24/7. Good and bad cds. Take notes of what is good and what you would change. You'll developp an ear to critique a mix very easily this way. Good luck. :wink:

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