AMD 64 - Pro Tools 6.4 Doesn't Work!

Discussion in 'Computing' started by mrbwnstn, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    So I just bought myself a custom built, with a AMD 64 bit processor. When I load Pro Tools I click on the Icon and my system automatically resets. I've loaded the PT software on a 32 bit system and it loads fine. I think it might be a problem with the chipset. I'm using a NForce 4 chipset. Has anyone used the VIA chipset that is compatable with the AMD 64?

    I'm thinking that maybe this is a problem with 6.4, and 6.7 will fix it. On Digidesigns site it says they have no unknown problems with the AMD 64, but it's referring to 6.7 . Does anyone know anything about this and have anything to add? Anyone?
  2. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    What LE hardware are you using (001, 002, or Mbox)?

    Are you using Win XP Home/Pro with SP1 or SP2?
  3. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    It's a 002 Rack on XP Home. No Service Pack. Any help?
  4. djspl

    djspl Guest

    your system is not 64 bit. You have a processor capable of running both 32 bit and 64 bit instructions. XP is a 32 bit operating system, Protools is a 32 bit application. The Athlon 64 is the best processor for ProTools, despite what Digidesign's website says.

    From what I have gathered being a computer enthusiast (I have 4 computers, I have built 20+ computers, I am a very experienced overclocker and hardware tweaker), a lot of things can mess with Protools.

    There are a ton of windows settings, hardware settings, and other tweaks.

    Are you sure you have no service packs installed? Not even #1? Digi's website says SP1 or 2 is required.

    Now, this is what you are looking for...
    the "best desktop config for PTLE" thread at the DUC forums. The first page has an updated list of hardware and tweaks to get a PTLE system running right.

    The best chipset is a Via chipset, but I think your chipset is fine. Your hardware and windows set-up probably isn't optimised for Protools. if your computer is dual purpose (Protools and ???) then there are some tweaks you won't want to do.

    If I were you I would get ProTools 6.7 and Service pack 2. Totally re-format and reinstall windows with SP2 and 6.7. Now go through that DUC configurations post and make all of the recommended tweaks. I know they still say Service Pack 1 is best, but with a fresh install and 6.7, SP2 should run fine, mine does.

    more DAW setup stuff:
  5. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    I just updated my Firewire card to one that Pro Tools says is compatable. However, same problem. After I install the program I click on the icon, and the computer automatically restarts.

    I'm thinking this is a problem with PTLE 6.4 not working with the 64 bit processor. I'm still waiting for 6.7 to be mailed in and I hope that'll fix the problem. If 6.7 doesn't work I'll try the tweaks.

    Thanks for the help!!!
  6. fresh27

    fresh27 Guest

    Hey man..

    There's nothing wrong with my system. i'm running AMD 64 bit and PTLE 6.4..
    What you need is the windows service pack 1 (or 2, but i have 1 and i'm not sure if 2 is fully supported).. i'm sure it's a free download from the microsoft website. also djspl is right about pro tools not benig a 64 bit program.

    Now i think you have 2 problems.

    1. is the Service pack issue(SP1 is needed as it say in digi's system requirements)
    2. is your motherboard. NForce stuff don't work well with pro tools. get a VIA one. I'm using a ASUS K8V SE Deluxe motherboard (VIA chipset) 3400+ cpu. 1gb kingston RAM. also make sure your motherboard and RAM are compatable as they can cause conflicts with each other. check websites for info..

    Hope This helps

  7. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    Thanks man. I'm actually exchanging the NForce with a new Via chipset as we speak. I'll try the SP1 too. I didn't know it was required to work.

    Thanks for everyone's help! If anyone else has any info please post it. I'll let you know how it works once I get stuff changed out.
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