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Discussion in 'Computing' started by James Pew, Aug 29, 2003.

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    My new dual processor machine is unstable with Cubase SX and totally unusable with Wavelab 4.0 and Cool Edit Pro. When I try to play a wav file in wavelab 4.0 it turns into a distorted mess after about 3 seconds. Cubase SX will record and play but I get pops and clicks when I bring the Layla console up and down...or make adjustments to the output levels. Also certain plugins such as antares autotune cause glitching to the point where it's unusable.

    Here are the specs on the dual processor PC:

    AMD dual 2 gig MP processors on a Tyan Tiger MPX S2466 motherboard...I've got 2 gigs of DDR ram (ecc)in 2 slots. And I'm using the Layla 24 sound card. I've got two fast hard drives (one for applications one for data) I'm using XP pro.

    I have thoourghly tested the Layla 24 on my old AMD Athlon 1 gig machine and have concluded that it is working perfectly.

    I have been through every common trouble shooting procedure (that I could think of) with the dual processor machine...such as installing the sound card in different pci slots, taking out one stick of ram and switching slots (ruling out a bad stick of ram). And I've tunned XP pro according to the tips at (this didn't have an impact on the severe instability of the system).

    Does anyone have experience with Dual processor machines? Is there an incompatiblity with any of the hardware I'm using?

    Can anyone suggest a different dual processor setup that will be stable with the sound card and software I use? I also commonly use Propellerhead Reason 2.0, Acid loops, Native Instruments, Waves Plugins, etc, etc.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Some thoughts.

    On the side of your power supply, towards the bottom, what does it say for combined wattage for 3.3, 12, 5.5v? What is the amps shown on the +3.3 leg? With Athlon systems, lack of power can create all sorts of issues. Don't go by total wattage of the supply, with a dual and laoded up the way yours is, you need that spec to be about 330-360 watts for the 3.3, 12, 5.5v combined, minimum.

    How are the drives connected/jumpered?

    Which version of XP?

    Did you install in all the default modes, or did you attempt a "Standard PC" Install?

    Did you take the default format, are you NTFS or FAT32? Mixed? Size of drives?


    I assume you played with buffer settings in the respective programs?

    Updated Drivers?

    Tried reverting back to older driver versions?

    I just posted this in another thread, so I'll make it brief. You should also look at your Virtual Memory settings. With 2 GB of RAM you I have found you really don't want to use much Virtual Memory, if any. When you configure a drive for virtual memory (or let the system manage it), you are telling Windows that its OK to try to place all these blocks onto a drive as a substitute for memory. The drive is the slowest form of storage for a memory substitute.

    RAM on the otherhand is the fastest and the storage of data is extrmely efficent and relieves the disk burden, thus better data conversion and more tracks, etc.

    If you have 2.0 in your case, then you need to go the other way and config VM for a factor of about .35-.4 times that of physical RAM (say 512), or even try eliminating it and many times performance will improve.

    I’ve done it both ways, but usually choose not to disable it all together.
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    Hey James!

    I've been running a similar setup for a couple years now, and I've encountered no trouble.

    My setup, like yours, is a Tyan Tiger MP 2460 board w/ 2 Athlons 2.5 gig DDR (ECC reg, of course).

    Curiously, I too use a Layla 24 for my sound card.

    Darn close, eh?

    Here's where we differ.

    I use SonarXL as my primary host program.

    I also use Sound Forge as the mastering program.

    I use Autotune, and most of the other things you mentioned at the end of your post also...w/ no problems.

    I know you're using XP Professional....because you have to w/ a dual processor system.

    I also know that you have a power supply that feeds the board 5.5v...because Tyan specifically requests it.

    Therefore, let's start w/ the basics.....

    Is the Bios completely current?

    Are all the drivers current?



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