amek 9098 or neve 1073

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by michjassir, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Oct 17, 2006
    I currently own an api 3124, an avalon 737 and universal 1176. Im looking for a transistor pre that i can also well use for recording vocals cause i think the api is to punchy. I tried a neve 1073 and think it sounds awesome but its to pricy, so they told me the amek 9098 was a colorfull pre that could work. Anybody has tried both and tell me if the difference its worth the price or how about a TG2?
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    The AMEK 9098 is not anywhere near a Neve 1073. The 9098 is much more neutral or bland in comparison. The real beauty if the 9098 is the celan and smooth eq. If you want the flavor of the 1073 for cheap (in comparison to a new or used Neve 1072) then audition one of the many 1073 clones on the market such as Chandler or Vintech.
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    Yeah...I agree with AG -
    The Amek is anything but colorful. In fact, it's incredibly clean. It'd be a good "blank slate" preamp for a lot of things, but I'd hesitate to use it for vox. If I were leaning towards uber-clean for voice, I'd go Millennia or Grace. Otherwise, I'd be looking for a bit more bite or character.
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    The thing to know is this. Rupert hates the old stuff. He has always intended to make the cleanest, natural sounding stuff, but was limited by technology. Listen/watch his interviews today. He thinks that today he is making the best stuff that he can make.
    This is not to say that he is not proud of his acheivements. He is. He should be. But there is a BIG difference between Rupert "Neve" and the multiple "Neve" companies that followed.

    Go to Vintech's webpage. They have a shootout blog on there, where Ainlay and some other hot dogs could not tell the difference between a Vintech made to Neve specs and a vintage Neve. Infact, multiple vintage Neve's of the same model were tested and sounded very different from one another.
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  5. Totally disagree

    I use the 9098 on vocals almost exclusively becuase it is sooo beautiful, which to me does not mean neutral. So I have to disagree with the previous comments. I have (in some cases had) TLA classic tube mic pre's, Nightpro mic pre's, and currently the API a2d as well as the Grace designs. I think it's strange that one of the comments says the neve is neutral and to use a grace pre instead, which, if you read any review, describes it as one of the least colored pre's out there.
  6. Davedog

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    Re: Totally disagree

    Uhhhhh....Exactly what thread were you reading?

    While I will say that there isnt a problem with ANYONE disagreeing with ANY comment made on this board....and certainly the comments made by the previous posters are not exclisive of this, these are some serious gear hounds with racks of this stuff sitting around so these comments werent made lightly.......The problem I have is NO ONE said that a NEVE was neutral in any way, that the consensus is that the AMEK 9098 pre isnt a particularly colored pre( not a bad thing at all) and that someone wanting a very clean uncolored pre should look to the Grace or Millennia stuff.........

    I say this simply to warn you of a backlash that is sure to come your way soon.

    Disagree all you wish, but be sure you're reading the quotes properly before you tackle the guys with all the gear.

    BTW...I also like the 9098 on vocals. And its mostly because of the EQ...the preamp section is really okay.
  7. hammond45

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    Hey guys. Rupert must to say this, because he must to sell own new produts. This is marketing. History would be say about new and old preamps.
  8. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    just thought that needed to be repeated

    many old units are not currently working to spec
    and probably need a tech to give them some luv and care ... TLC

    not quite a clone
    but the GreatRiver is also worth looking at when chasing a transistor pre with colour
    " Im looking for a transistor pre that i can also well use for recording vocals "

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