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Amek BC01 Broadcast Mixer????

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by brainwork, May 16, 2003.

  1. brainwork

    brainwork Guest


    has anyone used this mixer or knows how it sounds?
    I have the posibility to buy this mixer for 500,- euro...Is the price ok? I think its really cheap for a little amek or not?Maybe someone knows something about this little unit and can tell me something about it!!!


  2. brainwork

    brainwork Guest

    here is a link where you can see a picture of the mixer....

  3. Hasse

    Hasse Guest

    This is a broadcast mixer. They were often custom built by Amek for radio/TV stations. Myself have had some looks at two BCII's. Seems like these kind of desks are available for good prices now. The negative side is that they are designed for broadcast and you'll probably have to do some rework on it to fit in a recording enviroment, maybe a lot of work. Do a research on the specific desk asking the seller about direct outs, auxes, buses and so.

    I got another desk instead... About quality (BCII), I was told by the engineers they never failed and was very expensive at the time, and that they are half-way to real high end "leaving for example Soundcraft behind" as one of them said...Whatever that mean. The guys were from Swedish television.

  4. brainwork

    brainwork Guest

    Thx for the answer!

    I did yesterday a test whith the broadcast mixer against the preamps of amek 9098 dma and I was really impressed how near the sound of the BC01 to the 9098 was! The preamps sound really good for me and I think I will hold this mixer.

    I need a good submixer for synths and external gear to mix two track to recording card! Any other mixer that you can recommend for a price range < 1000,- euro

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