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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by XHipHop, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. XHipHop

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    Hey everyone. Hopefully you can help me out finding some info on this mixer, because there is virtually NOTHING on the net. I was searching for an analog mixer to mix out of protools when i found this and it really seems perfect!

    Great automation
    Design by Rupert Neve (great buzzword! this alone will get you business)
    EQ and pres on every mono channel by Neve
    5.1 and 7.1 mixing and monitoring
    "Virtual Dynamics" on every channel

    To me, this seems like the most future-proof mixer on the market AND it seems like it could definitely increase my business by using some great buzzwords (analog, Neve, surround mixing, etc).

    So does anyone have any thoughts? I found a quote for a 52 channel version for $69,000. I know that's a lot, but for what you get, I'm almost ready to scrape up my pennies and jump aboard.

    I want to try one out soon! It really seems like it caters to our digital way of working (recall, automation, etc) with an analog sound.

    SO, has anyone ever used it?


    here's the website:
  2. Hi Bob,
    I too have entertained some thoughts about this console but haven't heard too much about it either. Seems like someone a few weeks ago was gonna do a little mixing time on one, but haven't seen anything reported back. Media 51 is my more expensive plan B, pending the Pro Tools HD upgrade results that will probably occur in the next couple of months (bring on the HD plugs).

    Media 51 reviews welcome here :D

    Kenny Meriedeth
    Melted Media Music
  3. I have been working on one lately and I do like it. It is difficult to get used to (it took me a few days before I was comfortable) but all is working and sounding good. I love the EQ's and the mic pre's have nice character. There are no headroom problems like there were on the Big. I even like the Virtual Dynamics.

    Here are some small complaints I had:

    The stereo channels can be used as subgroups, but there are no inserts on these channels, so if you want to insert an EQ or compressor, you have to patch out of the group out, into the outboard device, and back into the channel. This works, but is inconvenient.

    I found the manual to be almost useless. It is not well written. If you are going to do some work on a 51, get the number for tech support and get the quickstart guide. You will need it. Keep the number handy, because you will need to talk to them at some point.

    The other problem is one I am hesitant to mention, because I need more time before I can make a real judgement. Please take the following comments with a grain of salt. It seems to me that the previous console (A Trident 70 with an Inward Connections output bus mod) sounded fuller and more open. I want my mixes to come together as easy as they did on the Trident. Perhaps I need more time to adjust to the sound of the Amek. I much prefer the sound of the 51's EQ's and mic pre's, but I am just not sure of the master bus. Don't assume that it is that bad, it is much better than mixing in PT. I am just accustomed to the sound of the Trident. I would be curious to hear the Amek with an upgraded mix bus.
  4. daniel_c

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    i just spent all of January and most of February installing one at the studio i work at.

    Velvet Sound

    I've only had the opportunity to do some tracking so far , but I can say that it does so8und awesome. The mic pres and the EQs sound gr8.

    There are a few bugbears such as the ones Lord Alvin has mentioned (and i can add a few more), but overall it gives you a hell of a lot of bang for your buck.

  5. planet red

    planet red Active Member

    Jul 25, 2001
    Lord, can you please list some info on the 'inward connections output bus mod'? I just bought a trident 70 that ill be picking up in a week. I'd love to hear what the mod does, and your general thoughts on the board.
  6. Since the board did not belong to me, I don't have too many details on the company or the modification. All I can tell you is that it was done at Sonic Circus and that it sounds really good. Ask Dave Lyons at SC about it. I loved that console!
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