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  1. Ok so I have an amek tac magnum and my problem is as follows.

    channel 5 and 6 are flipped its a hard thing for me to understand as well so i will explain it like this.

    Plug mic into input 5 shows on channel 6.

    plug mic into input 6 shows on 5.

    I am ready to say that maybe the XLR inputs are backwards on my snake. but the guy that had it before me never had a similar problem, or never noticed it because 5 and 6 were room mics.

    next problem that makes me wonder is that. channel 7 wont get signal on the channel, at all.

    and I imagine 5, 6 and 7 are ran in a loop. so maybe both problems are related.

    I was told to look for a fuse, but the only fuse's i see related to this thing anywhere are in the power amps. yet the power amp that runs the console gets pretty warm, and if I allow it to sit it will get to the point where the board does not function correctly, but the poweramp that runs the EQ strip stays cool.

    I know my post are broken and hard to understand, Im not very good at writing. Any help would be great.

    And any questions I will answer asap.
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    I have never worked on an amek as an engineer or as a tech. I do not claim to be a tech, but I have some experience in troubleshooting and light tech work with Neve VR consoles. My best guess would say you may have a couple of ribbon connectors inside the console that may be swapped (channels 5 & 6). It maybe as simple as cracking open the console and taking a look inside, if you are comfortable in doing so.

    As far as channel 7 is concerned, it could be as simple as a ribbon connector that has disconnected itself or a more serious problem like capacitors that have failed, etc.. Can the modules/channels be swapped with another channel? If you can swap module 7 with another channel (ie. channel 8 ), and the problem follows the channel then you have to troubleshoot further, or send out the channel to be serviced, or have a tech look at the inside of the console.

    Also how many power supplies came with the console? If you have not done so make sure there is more than enough room for air to circulate between the power supplies (top and bottom). You may want to vacuum out the power supplies with a brush attachment (slightly dampened with water to avoid static problems) if there are any vents that are clogged with dust.

    I hope this helps in any way. Good luck.

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