Amek vs. Vintech eq's


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May 14, 2001
How would you charactorize the Amek Mic Pre / EQ in comparison to the Vintech Mic Pre / EQ or other Neve designs? In both Mic Pre and EQ?


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Apr 22, 2001
Hi Mike,

This is actually an easy one. The way you look at it, is that the Amek stuff is the latest discoveries that Rupert has been working on since the old days. The Vintech stuff are copies of the originals(I new the guys actually when they were throwing the concepts around, and gave them some suggestions. I was actually one of the first guinea pigs for their 1272). Being said, is the new stuff better, not necessarily, just different. I love the CIB, and the EQ sections in the 9098 is way cool. For a preamp I'll take the old stuff almost anyday because I am used to that sound. The new Vintech(X73) is not bad, and a lot of people are digging it. I own a stereo pair of the 1081 reissues, and I don't care that to some people they are not as thick sounding, so what, for what I use them for they are perfect. I am actually saving up to buy the Neve/Summit EQ200(without the preamp), and its also designed by Rupert but its a different sound kind of like a cross between the old and new. I recently got to check out the Amek 51(Neve pre's and EQ's) at an affordable price it sounds good. I was told the pre's and Eq's were from the 9098(minus the glow and sheen). It sounded pretty good, you didn't have to swing the EQ's that hard to get a sound(good or bad?), I guess for the price its expected. In closing, go with what works for you, what you think will help you get to where you want to go. The old stuff I still love and the new stuff is cool also. We have many choices out there. Maybe too many!!!I think I am starting to sound like Fletcher...though I would take a Porsche over a Harley anyday!!!!