Amp for JBL LSR32

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by d-gautam, May 13, 2006.

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  1. d-gautam

    d-gautam Guest

    Hi There,
    I am looking for a reasonable priced good sounding amp for my JBL LSR 32 monitors. Do you think CROWN XLS402 is a good studio amp?Thanks in advance
  2. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Member

    Feb 15, 2006
    The 402 will be at the minimum requirement for the JBLs.
    The 802 should give you enough reserve power.
  3. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2003
    Kansas City, KS
    Home Page:
    Why use a Crown? And why that series? I would use something that wouldn't color the sound as much, and sounds more refined. Think used Bryston, etc. Thing non-switching, class A/B, etc.
  4. d-gautam

    d-gautam Guest

    thanks for ur replies. JBL LSR32 are 200W rms@4ohms & crown is 400W rms@4ohms. Currently I am using HFLER P4000. But i am getting some problems in this.So thats why i choose crown as a cheaper Standby amp.
    Brystons are costly and not available in india. Can I use QSC PLX1104 instead of Crown?
    thanks & best regards
  5. danasti

    danasti Member

    May 15, 2006
    The JBL's that you have are great monitors they are effiecent speakers (93db) with a decent cabinet design and almost perfectly flat from 80hz to 15khz (+-1.5db 60hz-22khz)...

    The problem is they are rated as needing 200 - 1000 watts. I have found that with passive speakers it's always best to go with the top or above suggested wattage figure (even though there is just so much more to it than that). I'm honestly not suprised that the Hafler amp is not cutting it as it is in the far lower region of recommended power. One of the best amps I've used on on my ns-10's is a Bryston 4b, it's 300 watts per side into 8 ohms. The ns-10m studio monitors recommend between 60 (minimum) and 120 watts (max) 8 ohms. Bob Clearmountain, the man who most say is responsible for the ns-10 phenominom uses only yamaha p3200 which is 370 x 2 into 8 ohms (way over). I've also used a Bryston 2b on them which is only 60 watts into 8 ohms (bottom?) and they sound great. Here is where it gets silly. I used an older QSC on the same ns-10s which was rated at 300 watts per side 8 ohms - sounded aweful, easily distorted, flat. I used an Alesis ra500 and it was also a very, very, very lacking amp for ns-10 monitors. 150 watts per side - 8 ohms, again it was over the max watts. I've heard Sampson amps which were actually recommended for ns-10s which made them sound like crap. Cables, grounding, phazing and connectors all come heavily into play as well. All this adds up to a major headache for the electronically uninclined which is why them industry said, "We recommend powered monitors!"

    Anyways, your speakers are bi-wireable and I would most definetely split the power to them. Amps are extremely important to the sound. My belief is that QSC and Crown's newer stuff is better for a playback system but not a critical recording situation. If I were you I would look into a powerful hi-fi amp with professional connections on the used market many are very affordable. Bryston - Krell - Classe - Adcom - Rotel - Older Jbl/Urei - Older Yamaha or Sony or Technics can be found real cheap. You could buy two amps and bi-wire or run in mono and bi-wire cable. Also for a stereo amp make sure each channel has a fully independent power supply.
  6. d-gautam

    d-gautam Guest

    Hi danasti,

    Thanks for your nice suggetions. The problem is,We dont have any secondhand market in India. I have two amps HAFLET P4000 & ALESIS RA100. I am agreed with you. If i connect my JBL's to RA100 the sound is distorted & Lack of highs & details and we connect it to HAFLER the sound is crispy & clear. I am planning of another HAFLER like P7000.
    Please tell me if I go for BI-AMP. How much power I need for Highs & Lows.

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