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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by lowgradefever, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. I'm a musician who is putting together a home studio for demoing and possibly recording a 4 piece rock band. I've never used anything outside of a portable 4-track casette studio by myself, but have spent time in a pro studio recording an album. I got a very nice deal on a PC-based Protools LE system with a digi 001 which I'll be setting up in an insulated, mid-sized basement space. I'm now looking for some microphones and wondering:

    a) what are some options that could get me started that I won't outgrow for micing vox, guitars, bass and drums. I'll be looking to shop around for slightly used or good deals on new gear and spending $500-$600.

    b) do I still need a pre-amp if I have the digi001? I'm thinking yes and wonder what will give me a nice, warm sound for a reasonable price.

    c) Should I consider getting any other outboard equipment like a mixing board? I'm told that the A/D's in the 001 aren't that spectacular.

    I'm new to the digital world and bought the LE system because the price was definately right and I wanted to get started. I don't want to initiate a digital vs. analog flamewar here, but working with what I already have, how will I be able to warm up the sound of my recordings? Tubes somewhere at the front-end? Where? Mixing? Any tips? Thanks in advance.
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    For mics you will never outgrow some Shure SM57's. Get at least a couple of those. If you can swing it a couple of Sennheiser 421's, a good guitar amp mic, also good on toms and kick drum. Perhaps a kick drum mic like an AKG D112 or the Shure Beta. Later on when you get a little more budget you can consider some Audio Technica large diaphram and small diaphram condensers as well (2 of each ). Audio Technica produces some very respectable mics at a very good price point. If you can swing all of the above you will have a decent mic locker.
    The 001 has 2 pre amps in it already but if your going to record more than one or two sources to more than 2 tracks you will need some additional pre amps. I recomend the ART Dual MP as a good starting point, 2 real no nonsense mic pres (cheap). For the moment don't get caught up into the idea your going to need more gear, you should be able to get some good stuff down with what I described and what you already have. The converters on the 001 are fine. Not the greatest but they are fine. Later on if you get a shot at doing somthing big time you can get some high end converters, pres and mics but you should be able to do some great demos with an 001 and some SM57's, some sennheisers and a few ATM's. Have fun!...........Fats
  3. Thanks for the tips Fats.

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