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  1. Fer

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    I´ve just aquired a soundcard for home recording, but I plugged a synth to its input ports and the signal is somehow weak. I talked to the support people where I bought it and they say it´s an amplifying issue, that I should get, as a good solution, a mixer, at least with a few channels.

    is this a good way to go?
    are they expensive?
    I´ve always wanted to get one anyway... I hope this is allright

  2. BladeSG

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    Hvae you tried the soound cards control application to adjust the input gain?

    What sound card are we talking about?
  3. Fer

    Fer Guest

    this is a JULI@ soundcard (1 in, 1 out), it has a novel type of design in which you can either use RCA connections (unbalanced) or TRS (balanced). I originally wanted to use the TRS, and I did. could there be a problem with that? I mean, the balanced inputs...

  4. hugues10

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    hi there , if you want some more juice you can use a preamp in between your instrument and your soundcard .I use balance jack input with a line 6(my preamp, not the best in the word but...) for my guitar and my sound card is a mia midi and i have no problem. Sorry if this is to simple but this is what i do and it work fine
  5. cruisemates

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    Jan 28, 2004
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    In addition to the soundcard, there may some WINDOWS settings you need to adjust. Go to control panel > sounds & audio devices > audio > sound recording > volume and adjust line & mic settings, etc. There may be some "advanced" tabs as well. Under options select properties to make sure you are seeing all the controls.

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