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    Built to the highest design specifications, the AMS Neve 33609 unit offers comprehensive limiting and compression facilities for music recording, post production and broadcast applications. The 33609 is based on a circuit design first used in the classic 2254 limitercompressordesigned by Neve in 1969.

    The 33609's combination of transformers and gain reduction element produces a sound quality which is unique amongst compressor limiters. Coupled with the unit's unparalleled ease of use, this sound quality has made the 33609 a studio standard. Multiple units may be linked for multi-channel operation.

    The limitercompressor is a 2U rack-mounting unit with a clear, uncluttered panel layout. There are independent side chains for the compressor and limiter sections with independent threshold, recovery and attack controls. The compressor features a selection of ratios from 1.5:1 to 6:1 and a gain make-up control that comes before the limiter. Overall gain reduction is indicated on a moving coil meter.

    Two versions are available, the 33609Jand the 33609JD. Both units offer the legendary Neve sound but with enhanced internal and external IO switching compared to the originals. The 33609J uses similar circuits to the vintage 33609C. The 33609JD incorporates a 340 discreet output stage as used in the original 33609 design.

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