An enigma wrapped in a mystery! Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Coma Cluster, May 13, 2003.

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    (I've posted this on a couple of other forums in the hope that this minor annoyance could be solved - but to no avail, so I thought I'd beg your indulgence in the hope someone may come up with a solution).

    I recently had put together a new machine (on the advice of this NG), the specs and system of which I've listed below. However, from the point I authorised Autotune, both Autotune and Waves Gold bundle take (exactly and always) 83 seconds to make themselves available from the time the Windows screen appears. This does not vary depending on host. Once up, all's well till the next re-boot.

    I've contacted both Pace and Antares and they are stumped. (I have all the latest up-grades). The system appears to be hunting around (red drive light winking) before it decides to let the Pace stuff out. Although this is minor, it has me fascinated and would re-install if I was convinced I'd nail the issue.

    Apart from this I have nothing but praise for the new setup.
    Thanks for any light sed.

    Windows XP Home FAT 32, Sonar 2.1, Sound Forge 6.x, Auto-tune 3.1, Waves Gold 4.0, AVG anti-virus (not running, Easy CD creator 5, Anwida reverb, DSPFX,
    Java 2 Runtime, Swar Shala, Logitech mouseware driver, Norton Ghost 2003, Isotope Ozone, Echo layla drivers, End it all, Live up-date 1.8

    Asus P4pe 533 motherboard with 2.4 gig CPU
    3x Seagate 40 gig 7200 rpm IDE drives. 1 gig RAM. Drive partitions:
    1 = 4 gig + 36 gigs (on Caddy)
    2 = 20gig + 20 gig
    3 = 4gig + 36 gig (on Caddy)
    Layla Sound card
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