Analog 8-track


I'm looking for an analog 8-track reel to reel. Sound quality is a big concern, but so is price, so I'd like to find a nice balance. Which models fit this description? Where should I look, pawn shops, ebay? How much should I expect to pay for a decent unit. Thanks for the help


I have a friend here in the suburbs of Philadelphia that has an Otari 8 track for sale. He's not exactly sure what to ask for it. I can get some additional info for you if you're interested.


Hey, thanks a lot for the quick replies. Sorry, but I'm not ready to buy one at this very moment. I'm starting to research and save some money up, though when I'm ready I'll check back with you to see if it's still for sale. Are there brand considerations? Should some be avoided? I'm new to analog recording, but I'm pretty fed up with mid-level digital. Thanks again,


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Dec 10, 2001
I think it need s to be asked what are your requirements as far as finished product? Is this to be an addition to a digital set-up/DAW that you simply want something to 'warm up' the sound before dumping into the digital? Are you looking for a complete recording system that will serve as your main machine to track to and mix on? Are you looking for a machine you cut a quick demo on and get that analog sound with? Do you have a budget for a. maintainence b. tape c.or can you do your own tweeking?

These are all realities when considering purchasing a machine that might at its newest, be 15 years old.Its good that you want to shop and learn first and consider my questions as they are valid to such a purchase.

By determining what your requirements are your list of possiblilties will be shortened considerably.

BTW. An Otari machine is about as bullet-proof as you can get for the money and theres still lots of parts and support for them worldwide. I'm talking 5050 model here...not 7300 series, though they too sounded great...just that they're big as a barn....(or was it 7800)ack