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  1. Hey all. question. How do you guys deal with mixing, with analog consoles? do most people, use, there inserts as outputs to there converters? or, the direct outs? so, the signal passes on the way, in, and, then mixing is done in the DAW>?

    Do some , run the ins and outs, of there soundcard to there analog mixer? and if so, how do you approach this?

    I am curious, as i have a mackie MCU, and, I also, have an old analog console, that i still love to use, I use these, in conjunction with a MOTU 828MKII. How would all, use, this setup? i am recording, to a DAW, nuendo to be exact. I have several, nice pres, and, lots of gear, that i like to use, and, am partial to. but, I really want to keep my console, in the game, and I am not ready to give it up all together. My board, has many ins and outs, with 8 buses, and a ton of routing options.

    So, i guess, my question would be, how would yall, go about connecting this setup.? or tell me about yours, if its similar.
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    Feb 22, 2006
    I'm not really too sure with that board, but I run from the direct outs (Right after the preamp) to converters into the DAW. Then out of the DAW into D/A converters into a patch point just before the EQ on my board. Then the master bus is sent to a 2 track Masterlink Recorder. This allows you to use the board for mixdown as well as monitoring during recording. Any fader positions during recording will not affect the input signal to the DAW. If you only have 8 channels of output from you're motu you'll only be able to mixdown 8 channels as well.

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