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  1. When using protools with an mbox, you can't record more than 2 tracks at a time and when recording bands live this is a problem. However I was thinking that I could simply get a 16-32 track mixer and record the band live analog and then record each track soloed into protools. However I'm not completely sure how analog recording works. To my understanding, you need a mixer and a tape deck and some kind of tape. My questions are 1) What different kinds of tape decks are there and how many tracks can they record? 2) What kind of tapes do you use and how many tracks can they record or contain? 3) what is DAT and ADAT and how are they better or worse than regular tape decks? all help is appreciated.
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    Ok, where to begin.

    1 - yes, you can get a mixer, but all that will do is sum the band into 2 channels into protools, and you will have no way of seaparting the different instruments. You need more inputs into protools, not more mixer inputs. You CANNOT record your band live with an MBOX, thats just the way it is. You would have to do it like a recording studio, and do overdub passes, but they cannot all play together. (Unless your looking for a stereo mix. In that case, why are you even using protools.)

    2 - Analog and digital recording is really no different. The only difference is the end product is recorded onto Tape, or a Hard Drive. theory's are the same.

    3 - DAT is Digital audio tape, and is stereo, like your cd's or cassettes, and are not used for studio recording. you could get a DAT player and a mixer, and record the band directly onto that, skipping protools. (Why use a multitrack, if your not recording multiple tracks?)

    4 - ADAT is an 8 track recording deck, that requires a mixer to input the signal. It was created before the Digital audio workstations and pc's became really big. You can sync many of them together to have as many tracks as you need, but at this point they are somewhat outdated.

    5 - What do you mean by regular tape decks ?

    Not sure of your budget, but you need Pro tools with an 002 / 002r, or cubase/Logic/Sonar setup, with an audio interface with at least 8 inputs minimum, probably more, to record your live band.
  3. well I figured it out, and actually it's cheaper for me to buy a digi 002r and a preamp than to go with a suitable analog setup. If I get a certain preamp with adat otpical out I can plug that into the ADAT optical in on the 002r and will be able to record up to 16 channels at a time using the preamp and the 002r. That'll be about $1400 whereas an ADAt and new mixer would be around $2000.
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    just remember that the digi002r only has 4 mic pres so if you want to get those 16 channels recorded you'll need 4 more pres in addition to whatever pre/a/d combo you decide to go with.
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