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analog tapes [updating my point of view]

Discussion in 'Tape Recorders' started by Amighetti Ronnie, Apr 9, 2001.

  1. hi,
    after a lot of lurking around,and some investigating, I've finally got my 2" 24 one week ago. It is a Tascam ATR80/24, with remote and auotlocator.
    The audio shop where I bought it from, got me 4 used reels, absolutely unusable.
    Anyway, I started to look for new tapes, to get a small archive, always ready to work.
    I contacted the italian importer for Quantegy, and was really stroke by the prices.
    They are the official importer, and they told me that for a 456 the price is around $210.....and for a GP9 they are more than $250. I searched over the net, and found out that teh prices in US are completely different.....I saw GP9 as lower as $142, it' almost 40% less!!!! I've been told by the italian importer that they sells about 5 reels per month!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm really sad about all this story.....and as usual I think I'm gonna buy reels from Germany....they seems more intelligent and the market seems a little bit bigger than the italian one.

    just my sad story......
  2. miketholen

    miketholen Active Member

    Jan 28, 2001
    You should buy your tape machines from Germany as well.
  3. well, I think I got a very good deal....teh market price for a Tascam ATR80 is around 8-10K and teh lower I've found is 5K.
    I got mine for 3K, 'cause it was a bankrupcy stock. It is in perfect condition, and has been used very lightly, 'cause it was side by side with a PT system........
  4. regebro

    regebro Guest

    Proces is completely random in different countries. I think it's the distributors that are to blame, mostly.

    For example, one AKG mic can in Sweden cost 96% av what it costs in the US, another AKG mic costs 121%. Tannoy Reveal Actives cost 82% here in Sweden as in the US, but their 110 subwoofer costs 122% of the US price.
    A presonus Blutube in Sweden costs 160% of the US price.

    Weird, eh?

    (This is all actual prices, not recommended prices, and before VAT).
  5. it is the same here in Italy, unfortunately 90% of teh importer doesn't even provide a support, so, no bulsshit on "you are paying teh support" and all of those stuff.

    They are just trying to get as much money as possible in the first place, and then leave you in the mud.

    I've been asked almost 100USD for the manual of my mixer, a D&R 4000. I called D&R in Holland, told them I got a problem with PFL, and the very next morning there was a PDF in my mail box. Strange huh?
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