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    Analoguetube Ltd.

    Analoguetube manufacturers the AT-101 -all tube- stereo limiter, it is a versatile and natural sounding studio limiter / compressor, that share’s the original standard wiring techniques of the day. The development of this equipment represents state of the art passive designs using tried and tested 1950’s tube and transformer technology; this includes the development of the 6386LGP dual triode used in the gain reduction stage. It is hand crafted analog technology for a digital age. The unique features of this gain crushing stereo compressor allow all types of instruments and sound to sit up front sounding fatter and bigger in the mix bringing it forward to add depth, dimension and clarity, gluing the image together, making this a natural sounding compressor an indispensable tool for you’re fat world of audio. The AT-101 is a superior product using all original tubes and transformers with long-lasting, close tolerance, non inductive modern components for a modern world.

    - original audio technology that sounds great!

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