Another 'monitors' thread (War of the Gennies)

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by kostein, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. kostein

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    I'm about to buy my first pair of studio monitors. I made a research 6-7 months ago for getting a pair and I was finally set on the Yamaha MSP5's. I didnt get them though cause something personal happened and my initial budget had to be spend on something else.

    I've been saving up since then and I now have a budget of roughly $1000. My initial budget was $500 six months ago. Things are quite different now :)

    I've been looking through the Genelec's line and I find it quite intriguing. I'm currently looking at the 1029A's and the 8040-A's. I have a chance of hearing the 1029A's at a local store which I plan on visiting in the next few days. Are there any significant differences between the two? Would I do any wrong if I go for either?

    As this is my first pair of monitors I'm getting I wanna make the right choice. I prefer to INVEST rather getting the cheap stuff first and then regretting it. If you have any alternatives given the $1000 budget I would gladly listen to them.

    I know also that studio monitors are a matter of taste, but then that's the only thing I know about monitors. Any help appreciated.

    Btw, how much difference would I hear from the MSP5's and the Gennies (or equivalent)?
  2. huub

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    i use the msp5's at home and all sorts of genelecs at work..
    my mixes sound about the same on both.. both sound a bit hyped and give me a headache after an hour or two..
    but, as the genelecs are an industry standard, the msp5s perform very acceptable, especially considering the price!
    dunno, i just grew tired of the plasticy genelec sound after a couple of years..
    tried some dynaudios the other day..sounded super..nice and calm sounding..

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