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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by efiebke, Jul 25, 2002.

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    Jun 30, 2001
    New York
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    I decided to upgrade my computer by putting in a second processor . . . a Pentium III 733.

    Know that prior to this installation, everything was working fine.

    Well . . . the MOTU (USB version) Midi Timepiece AV would not work correctly with a second processor. Doesn't anyone have any idea why? Is there a work-a-round to make it work.

    Firstly, whenever I tried to access the MTPAV configuration software, I received a notice that the device was not sending enough information and to either try again or abort (in so many words).

    Secondly, when I finally did get the MTPAV configuration software to work (after disengaging a USB-based CD-RW), whenever I tried to play a chord via midi, not all of the notes would play or a few notes would sustain. . . .

    Is MOTU's MTPAV not able to function using two processors???

    My computer:

    Dell Workstation 420
    Pentium III 733 (times 2)
    512 mg rdram
    two hard disk drives (7200 rpm)
    MOTU 2408 mkII
    MOTU MTPAV (USB-based)
    Window XP Professional
    Steinberg SX
    Emagic LAWP 5.31
    Steinberg Wavelab

    Thank you for your time. . .


    Ted Fiebke, RN TOO LIVE NURSE
  2. efiebke

    efiebke Active Member

    Jun 30, 2001
    New York
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    I just finished taking out the second processor and configuring my system back to previous settings.

    All is working just fine with the MOTU MTPAV! :)
    . . . without the second Pentium III processor. . . :(

    What gives???

  3. ceaserin2

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    I'm not sure why, but I have heard a lot of bad stories about dual cpus and Motu. My first guess would be a difference in the interactions between the cpus to the Fsb and memory when the second cpu is added.
    The thing to understand about Motu is that their products (especially earlier ones), were specifically designed for the Mac which has basically one standard. So the Motus are very anal-retentive when it comes to PCs, which do not have one standard.
    My only suggestion would be to keep ringing the Motu phones until someone picks up and ask if theresa way to get it working on dual procs, but I doubt it.

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