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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by newnoise, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. newnoise

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    I'm new to the forum. I've been looking for a place to find some opinions and suggestions as to the track I'm on for setting up my studio. This seems to be a good place for it, so here it goes. I'm basically just putting together a small little studio that I can make decent recordings with myself. I live in an apartment right now and move fairly often, so I'm somewhat limited as to how carried away I can get. I'm also a student right now, so a small budget also limits that as well. This is the gear I've got so far...
    -Yamaha 7piece drum kit - in my parents crawl space :(
    -Yamaha acoustic guitar
    -Imitation SG electric guitar
    -Vantage fretless bass
    -Mesa Dual Rectifier
    -Marshall JCM 900 4x12 cabinet
    -M-Audio Keystation 49e midi controller
    -Apex 950 dynamic mic
    -and a fairly nice computer loaded with some good software, but not that great of a soundcard

    This is what I'm hoping / planning on adding to it...
    (in the near future)
    -Tascam US-122
    -Apex 435 condenser mic or Studio Projects B1 condenser mic
    -DI box
    -Decent pair of studio headphones
    (a little down the road)
    -studio monitors
    -shure sm57
    -line6 guitar pod

    Not including the stuff I want to buy down the road, once I buy the other stuff I figure I'll have a fairly mobile small studio that I can make pretty good recordings with. I have some VST instruments, so using the midi controller I can get away with not being able to mic a drum kit (and save some money opposed to having to). I figure I can hold off on the preamp and just use the phantom power on the tascam audio interface for powering the condenser mic. Anyhow, opinions on if you think this seems like a good set up or not, or if you have suggestions on things to change/add, all are welcome. Any help in reassuring me I'm making the most of money with these purchases or suggestions on a better way to would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for the help.
  2. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    Line 6 pod

    Though I have not used one of these yet.
    I have some Line 6 gear, and im telling you, Line 6 knows
    what they are doing. I think for the money the pod will give you
    tons of options for your buck. But like I said, i have not used one yet, but I would love to get one.

  3. newnoise

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    Thanks for the input. I've had the opportunity to fool around with one before and for my purposes I think it would work well. Anyone else have some opinions???
  4. trixie

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    i realize this may not be within your budget right now, but what about a proper mixer? the tascam only has 2 i/o for mic and line signals. will you ever need to record more than that at once? if this helps you organize your spending a little, what about holding off on the monitors and only using headphones for now? i don't recommend mixing on phones, but you can record all you want with a good quality pair. but i don't know how you feel about that or how fast you want to mix everything.
  5. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    In my opinion, Every home studio should have an Axetrak for bass or guitar. It sounds great and is very affordable. it is an isolation cabinet the size of a shoebox with almost no sound leakage and is as loud as a whisper.(perfect for home recording) it sounds thicker than my marshall halfstack and is awesome. There are a bunch of soundclips on the website. Check it out...

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