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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by richardzulu, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. richardzulu

    richardzulu Guest

    I recently purchased the AVP-1 made by Antares.

    I'm having alot of trouble using it with my mixing board. Sometimes the sound quality is nice, sometimes it's insane.

    I just tried the free plug-in download off of the Antares website.

    The plug-in is great!!!! I had no problems whatsoever.

    Can anybody tell me the difference between the hardware and the software, because now I think I'd rather have the software?

    Also, if you look on Guitar Center's website, there are 2 versions of Autotune for sale. One is $149.99 and the other is $519.99.

    What is the difference between these 2 different versions of the software? Does the more expensive one have more mic modeling features and effects?

    Thank you for your time,
  2. Sheehan-J

    Sheehan-J Guest

    In case you hadn't noticed from your posts in the two other sub-forums that I read, don't double (or triple) post any more. It will not help your popularity and will likely land you further from getting your question answered.

    Good Luck,
  3. richardzulu

    richardzulu Guest


    Didn't know that.

    Hope everybody doesn't hate me now.

    Hope somebody twill answer my question.

    Love you.
  4. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2007
    I twill not and am mulling over if I can hate a cross poster or not.
  5. EricUndead

    EricUndead Guest

    But if one was to ask the question 10-15 times surely it would be answered many more times and with greater precision? No?

    hmmm, I want to make sure the sarcasm is thick or I could be misunderstood...... Oh well...
  6. richardzulu

    richardzulu Guest

    Wow. Thanks, dude.

    You just gave me hope for Mankind.

    Sounds like these other people support "The War on Terror".

    Seriously, thank you, and love you.

    Hope somebody answers my question someday.

  7. ouzo77

    ouzo77 Active Member

    Jan 16, 2006
    Nuremberg, Germany
    Home Page:
    I'm sure their website will help you get your answer.

    the cheaper one is the native version (vst, au). the expensive one is the tdm-version for pro tools.

    in case you don't know the difference:

    VSTi plugins came along and established themselves as the de-facto open format about 6 years ago.. At this time, Mac's & IBM PC's were just starting to get enuff grunt to process things like filter, delays, reverbs etc, but were still straining even with the latest P2 machines to rpovide any real grunt... BUT!.. at least you could apply fx in realtime to audio in your sequencer, and this was the birth of the widespread revolution for home music PC's... Adding more power over the last few years has just given us more processing ability. VSTi plugins run on Mac & IBM PC's...

    Audio-Units are the MAC OSX equivilent of Microsoft Direct-X/Steinberg's VST built into the core of OSX it is now being supported by all the major software houses with work going on at the date of this article by many of these s/w houses to convert older plugins to 'Audio-Unit' spec's....

    Pro-Tools TDM plugins
    The original hardware based plugin format from Pro-Tools... the s/w sends audio to the fitted DSP card which processes the audio and returns it to the application... Also, s/w synths such as VIRUS are available for TDM in which case midi streams to the card & the card provides the synth engine & audio output which streams back to the host sequencer application & of course fx can be added to the synth output too via the TDM system.

    If you don't use pro tools you can go with the cheaper one.

    a little google search will answer questions like that much quicker than posting in a forum.
  8. richardzulu

    richardzulu Guest

    Thanks for your response, daddy.

    Trust me. I've been researching these products for weeks.

    The Antares website has very little information on their products. Well, I guess they give you all the basics, I'm just not familiar with some of the terminology. If you wish to contact their support team, they charge you. Not cool.

    Googling hasn't gotten me very far, either. (I prefer Yahoo-ing)

    I've actually gained the most amount of information by emailing musicians on myspace that appear to use Autotune.

    Thanks again!!!
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