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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by freddielee, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. freddielee

    freddielee Guest

    i recently bought the AVP-1 and i have no idea how to hook it up
    the inputs on it are unbalanced line level inputs

    i was wanting to use this for live performances
    my question how would i do so

    if i plug my mic into my preamp and then from the pre to the input on the AVP-1 what would i do from there to get the AVp's unbalanced line level at -10dbv to the balanced input on my mixer on my PA system which is +4dbu

    basically it all comes down to is what is the apropriate level in dbu that i want my mic to put out through the PA

    anyone have an easier way to frun this hardware live

  2. Boswell

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    Your PA mixer will easily handle the -10dBV unbalanced level from the AVP-1 if you go in through the normal channel input (as opposed to the insert return). If your mixer has jacks for its line level inputs, use a standard TS-TS jack lead. Otherwise, use a TS jack - XLR lead and go into the mic inputs. If you use this latter route, make sure phantom power is switched off on that channel.

    You need to think about the input to the AVP-1 carefully, as your pre-amp will almost certainly be capable of severely overloading the AVP-1. I suggest an isolating transformer (e.g. Ebtech LLS) that will not only meet your balanced-to-unbalanced requirement but also reduce the level from +4dBu nominal to -10dBV.
  3. freddielee

    freddielee Guest

    Well instead of getting that couldnt i just balance the input by using the input trim on the rack mount?

    also what would be the safest way to hook it up to my interface. I have the M-audio fast track pro and i dont want to damage it?

    also what would be some good compression and eq settings?
  4. once again
  5. freddielee

    freddielee Guest

    Brandon do you use TS or TRS connections

    i have ine hooked up and i have for a while now
    the only thing im owrried abou is frying my avp
    should i use the -10 db oad on my pre amp when plugging my preamp into my avp!
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