Antelope Pure2 AD/DA Converter & Master Clock

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    Man, Antelope Audio is on Fire!

    Reverb Warning!!! lol. (n)


    Los Angeles, October 7, 2014
    — As part of a multi-dimensional product unveiling at the 137th International AES Convention, leading professional audio gear manufacturer Antelope Audio introduces Pure2, a mastering-grade 24/192 kHz AD/DA 2-channel converter and master clock and USB Interface.



    Converting & Clocking Pedigree that is Purely Antelope
    Pure2 builds on Antelope Audio's mastering legacy of the very successful high-end converter Eclipse 384. The Pure2 enables users to realize unsurpassed digital clarity and analog realism, while offering a flexible set of connectivity options and extremely efficient and ergonomic software remote control. Pure2 employs an all-new design that leverages best-in-class Burr-Brown converters and the same Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology present in Antelope's ultra high-end Trinity master clock. Pure2 also features Antelope's proven low-latency USB circuit on both Mac & PC, which is in use in thousands of studios inside the Orion32 and the new Zen Studio.

    Pure2 is the first high-end 2 channel AD/DA converter to deliver incredible mastering level conversion, Antelope’s best crystal clocking technology and superb relay-controlled volume attenuation at a breakthrough price point for a mastering conversion product. Pure2 will be at home in mixing studios needing top-shelf A/D conversion to capture their analog summed mixes, as well allow for precise monitoring during mix down and the industry’s top master clocking for their multi-channel converters. Mastering Studios of all budgets will be attracted to the exceptional quality meets value combination. And live engineers will love being able to clock their show console, while also having the ability to capture a high quality 2-track mix of the show for immediate sharing with band and fans alike.

    • A/D converter with optimized overloads handling. AES, S/PDIF, Toslink, USB
    • D/A converter with dual DAC architecture AES, S/PDIF, Toslink, USB (Zodiac Platinum Class)
    • 64-Bit AFC Technology Master Clock (8) WC outs, 10M Atomic Input (Trinity Class)
    • High-end headphone amplifier with dedicated D/A
    • Relay-based analog volume control with dedicated D/A
    • Multi-stage Linear Power Supply (Voltikus Class)

    Price $2,195

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    Looks nice.normally usb audio kinda scares me but even @ 192 2 tracks would be passed easy. I'm guessing it's gonna be around 2 grand, it's be nice if they had like 1 or 2 additional pairs of outputs so it could work as a monitor controller. They should have the DA in the montior controllor or amp or speaker. It makes no sense to me to have this amazing audio conversion and still require another peice of analog gear in between the music and your ears. I love color in music but not when it comes to monitoring. Where turning the movement of air particles into electricity into binary code and back thru a wooden box w electrically charged paper, and trying to recreate an event thru people's imaginations. Anything else that doesn't have to be there, I'd prefer not to be. it looks really cool, and I'm excited that digital capture keeps getting better, but even if this was exclusively for mastering more than one pair of outs would be welcomed.

    Edit-I swear I didn't read the price, which i just saw in the OP, lol, I've just drooled over enough gear to be pretty familiar w the common price points.

    Looks like they have a box for monitor control they'd be happy to sell me. :) still kinda annoying to have to have one. :(
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    I won't go on about this, but the Master Clock hype they are always going on about leaves me chuckling.
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    Great now I have to find another 2k .....

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