Any tips for mixing electric guitars?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by GuitarMag, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. GuitarMag

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    Here's what I do - I don't have an amp so I record directly:
    DigiTech MultiFx - AudioInterface - Vst cab sims/amp modellers

    I usually record 2 seperate tracks for the same rhythm part and run them thru different cab sims, then EQ them differently and pan hard left and right - it gives me this great stereo effect with a place in a middle for drums and bass.

    But I'm wondering if there is a way to achieve the same effect with recording the rhythm part just once. I've tried ADT (20 ms delay), different cabs and EQ but it doesn't sound as good as using the method mentioned above.

    Any advice regarding my setup?
  2. djui5

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    You tracking doubles of 2 different "models"....then pan then across the stereo spectrum....and put a delay on each of them and pan opposite of the original...

    You won't get great results with just one pass of guitars....
  3. BladeSG

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    Depends alot on the sound you're after as well. Sometimes for heavy fat guitar sounds, it sounds better in the middle.

    But like djui5 said, it's better two double track guitar parts that you want to pan hard.
  4. EricK

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    I wouldn't change your approach. Double tracking the same part twice will get you the best results in the end. There really isn't a good way to achieve the same end result electronically. I am mixing a record right now where 2 guitarist are usually playing rhythm. I can one left and one right. The problem is, they aren't really playing the same thing. It doesn't always come across too well. I have been trying to double one of the guys with various delay methods, and just not getting the results I would like to hear. I am really wishing that at least one of the guys would have doubled his tracks.
  5. BladeSG

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    one of the best plugins for this would have to be Waves Doubler. In one word KILLA

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