Any tips for my recording project?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Flutsh, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Flutsh

    Flutsh Guest

    Hey ya'll

    within 2 weeks I'm starting an important recording/mixing session with the band Greendive. These recordings should serve as a representive demo wich will be sent to the band Blof (a famous band here in the Netherlands) and then Blof will start producing/arranging this for them.

    For me as a starting engineer its a nice chance for further producions in future, so I really wanna deliver somthing good! But the down side is that Greendive doesnt wanna spend to much on this, so I'm stuck to a live recording, but I only have 16 simultaneous inputs on my DAW (Digi002/ProTools) the singer will be singing along when the band is playing, so I need 1 extra channel to monitor him for the rest of the band...

    Im thinking the following:
    Mic the drums in the room, a C414 in the kick (i need the high end) 2 on snare Shure sm57 on top and a AKG C414 or C1000 for bottem. for hihat maybe the senh 609e or maybe also a AKG C1000... for the high tom a senh. 604e and a SM57 or AKG D112 for floor tom and 2 Neuman KM85 as overheads (8 mic channels)

    (a 609e on Hihat??? well it only got a lill' high end pick up, but with a 1k LF roll off u have almost no spill at all, nice for the panning control)

    Bass guitar Im willing to use the Envoice MKII instrument input (this thing's got a tube... i think it will sound nice with a high end Kick and a fat tube bass guitar sound) (1 mic channel)

    2x stereo keyboards both with DI (4 ,mic channels)

    guitar amp will be placed in another room, and with 2 mic's Sennheiser 606e and a SM57 (2 channels)

    and for the vocals a random mic (this is juist a guide line, ill use a SE Gemini and overdub it all)

    so that will fill the entire 16 mic inputs... maybe if the time isnt taking to long we can do some overdub's after that... but not to much.

    So all musicians will be in the live room, only the drums is miced there, guitar amp is miced in another room and bass and keys will be direct to keep spill as little as posible)

    if any1 wants to listen to their sound pls check and pls give me some advise if u think i can come atleast close to that sound with this setup

    anyone who reply's:.. THANKS ALOT!!!

    (sorry for my english im Dutch ;)
  2. Flutsh

    Flutsh Guest

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