Any way to get samples off Yamaha S90?

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  1. I am tracking a pianist for a band who loves the sound of one of his samples on the S90, and I am tracking midi and audio. I'll end up cleaning up the performance with the midi, but once he leaves I won't have the samples to trigger. How can I (if possible) get the samples off of his keyboard into my computer. It has a USB connection... or, does anyone know if Yamaha offers the samples as a pack? They aren't great, but he LOVES the sound of one of the pads.

    Please share any input or ideas.

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    I doubt you'll be able to do that...easily, anyway. The sounds are onboard ROM, and I doubt you can really get them out of there digitally.

    I doubt the USB-MIDI allows for a transfer of sound samples. You could probably only do it by recording the sounds analog as samples. And that would take more time, and probably not give you want you want, since the internal samples are designed to react to the Yamaha's keyboard and internal parameters.

    It seems to have velocity-layered sounds, also, so you would have to do all layers and assign to them velocity splits.

    Then, you'd have to try to tweak whatever program you are using to respond much like the same parameters, control-movement ranges and behavior...whatever...of the Yamaha. Got a lot of time?

    You may have to use different sounds in a VSTi?

    Probably best to get the MIDI performance tweaked quickly, and play back through the thing to the recording.

    Or, have the piano player play it properly to start with so you don't have to tweak it? :wink:

    Is the audio performance such that you can't manipulate things by isolating notes and manually moving them?

    Just some thoughts.

    Of course, as always, I may be mistaken. :shock: If so, learn me.

    Kapt.Krunch :wink:
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    There are a few apps out there that will automatically sample midi hardware.

    On Mac I used Redmatica's Autosampler to sample my Midi modules.

    There is a crossplatform app that also works, not sure of the name, robo sampler, or sample bot something like that.


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