Anybody overclocking?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by crunk, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. crunk

    crunk Guest

    Just wondered, as I heard Athlon64 Cpus are easy to oc...?

    Anybody some experiences...?
  2. fatman

    fatman Guest

    I just got a new one, i haven't overcloked it yet.
  3. gnarr

    gnarr Guest

    I got one 3200+ @ 2.4GHz and one 3000+ @ 2.52Ghz :D awsome chips :D

    My friend has got a X2 4400+ @ 3GHz.. The best system i've ever seen.
  4. crunk

    crunk Guest

    @ all: which mainboard? which cooler?
  5. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    I OC my Tower PC, which is sometimes used for DAW work (Asus P4C800E-Dlx + P4 2.8E Prescott running at 3.21GHz with a 900MHz Front side bus and RAM running at 450MHz) but my main Tracking/Recording rig (My Shuttle XPC) is running stock FSB (3.0GHz/800MHz Front Side Bus and DDR400 RAM). OC'ing a dedicated DAW that is relied upon for stability is probably not the best idea IMO - ESPCIALLY while tracking! Your Gaming rig - sure. OC it until it dies! :)

    One major thing to consider is locking the PCI bus in the BIOS. Once you start upping the clock's FSB, the CPU, the RAM, AND the PCI bus will run faster. The CPU and RAM (with approproate cooling, latencies, and voltage - and a good P.S.) will usually handle OC's well, but the PCI bus, PCI Cards, and especially the Hard Drives will freak out with much overclocking, and create a very unstable PC. If you lock the PCI bus in the BIOS, it will remain at stock speeds, while the CPU and RAM (and FSB) will benefit from the extra speed. My Shuttle does not even have a PCI lock (Intel 915G does not appear to support PCI Locks :( ), so OC'ing my Shuttle is pretty much not possible for a remotely stable rig. YMMV

  6. gnarr

    gnarr Guest

    The X2 4400+ @ 3GHz in a DFI Lanparty SLI nForce4 board with VapoChill
    The 3000+ @ 2.52GHz in a MSI neo2 platinum nForce3, with Zalman 770AlCu
    The 3200+ @ 2.4GHz in a xPC SN95g5 with the built in HeatPipe cooler.

    The 3000+ used to be in the xPC, with the sam OC. I use the MSI more, so i switched.

    But for serius overclocking, i would recommend the DFI board.
  7. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    I'll second what Randyman said...OC'ing for Audio isn't the most reliable thing to do for a DAW...gaming indeed.

    You shouldn't have to OC these days as systems are pretty damn fast as they are.

    Performance gain from OC'ing isn't that huge anyways and only can degrade your CPU from the heat.

  8. fatman

    fatman Guest

    MoBo = DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D
    Video = GForce 6200 128
    Rec = VSL 2020
    PSU = VANTEC ION2 460W
    CPU = AMD 64 |3000+ ATHLON 64 939P
    Ram = DDR 1GB pc400
    HDD = (2) 200GB SAMSUNG SATA II (400gb total)
    CD = DVD/Rw/CD/CD-RW burner
    Case = asus vento 3600

    check my new pc here
    (Dead Link Removed)
  9. fatman

    fatman Guest

    do you use the DFI board for recording or more for gamming?
    got any pics of your 3 pc's?????
  10. gnarr

    gnarr Guest

    No, i haven't got the DFI..

    he's using it for gaming and all kinds of media, but no recording.

    this is his setup:

    AMD64 X2 4400+ @3GHz
    DFI nF4-SLi-DR
    1GB TCCD @DDR580
    X800pro ViVo @ X850XT-PE
    10k Raptor RAID-0
    VapoChill LS
    VGA WaterCooled
    OCZ PowerStream 520W
    Antec P160

    that's my xPC (and a picture of my dog on the wall ;)):

    I haven't got any pictures of my studio, but i'll try to find some tonight.
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