Anybody using DP in R&B or Hip-Hop?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by chopchop20, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. chopchop20

    chopchop20 Guest

    I need feed back.....
  2. kwiztronic

    kwiztronic Guest

    Yes, I am.
    What's up?
  3. chopchop20

    chopchop20 Guest

    Thanks for responding. Anyways, what kinda set up do you have. Are you using DP exclusively fort midi and audio, or do you use hardware also? What kinda results have you gotten so far?
  4. kwiztronic

    kwiztronic Guest

    Although it has some bugs, I'm really feelin DP3. I have a 2408 interface with 4 da-88's and transfer from tape with ease.
    I've had the da-88's since "94", but since I got DP, I record audio to that exclusively since version 2.6 was out.
    The stock plugins are very good, but I would recommend "Waves, Pluggo, and the new Bomb Factory plugins if you really want to take your processing to the next level.
    I'm currently running this setup using a G4 400, which will choke after you use processor hungry p/u's like Renassance Reverb, (Waves)but TC electronics came out with a PCI card that allows VST, and MAS P/u's to be
    proccessed on the card, freeing up your cpu.
    My friend has it, and it works! I'm getting one.
    I recommend DP3 to anyone that wants a powerful DAW, but cant afford Protools.
    As a Producer, I find that DP allows me to be more creative than ever because of the flexibility that it provides with midi and audio.
    I've worked on Protools and am eventually going to purchase the Mix Plus system, but I will always run DP. Hope this helps you out.

  5. tronax

    tronax Guest

    chopchop -

    I do alot of roots-style hip-hop, and I do it all with DP. I track live instruments right in there, have my midi gear hooked up too (with Motu's midi xpress xt), drop in the vocals, fx, etc.... I wouldn't trade it for anything. I use a fair amount of outboard fx and compressors, but DP lets me be really creative with the music. I don't think I've really used my samplers in at least a year.

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