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Anyone Have the Dynaudio BM6A's?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by WDavidW, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. WDavidW

    WDavidW Guest

    Hey guys! I'm about ready to lay down some cash for some nearfield monitors in the next week or two. I'm planning on purchasing the Dynaudio BM6A's. I'd appreciate any opinions about these monitors (whether good or bad) from those of you who use them? Thanks
  2. kinetic

    kinetic Guest

    I've had a pair for about three or four years. I think they a great monitor, very accurate with a good stereo imaging. At the time I had my choices down to the DynAudios and the small Genelecs. I chose the Dynaudio's from listening tests (albeit not in the environment where they were intended to be used). The Genelecs were great also, but the DynAudio's had more bass extension, and even though the Genelecs could be purchased with a subwoofer, you couldn't just switch the subwoofer in or out - you had to also make adjustments on the nearfields as well (and from memory those adjustments were mini DIP switches) so it just wasn't practical.

    What I don't like about the DynAudios is that there is no speaker grill, and my environment, and I suspect most others, has dust that appears from nowhere. This accumulates on the drivers and I don't want to touch them of course. I actually wrote to the factory about this and they just simply said that they didn't have any plans to add grill cloths or the like. Whether that accumulation of dust has a significant impact on performance and sound I do not know. But after constant use over those years I have'nt noticed any change (let's forget about hearing loss due to age for a moment!).

    I had some trouble initially with the relays not switching the HF driver on at power up, and on one occasion something blew both fuses at power up (no signal was being sent to the speakers at the time). Luckily the fuse holder has a spare, because in this country at least the fuses are not standard. Since then I have just left the monitors on constantly, only powering down if I go on holidays or whatever. Funnily enough two days ago one of the speaker's power leds went red and after checking a few things I powered down and then up again but unfortunately it was evident that I had lost some drive to the HF driver - signal was still there but definitely down compared to the other of the pair. I suspect a dirty relay or something, but they are going in for service tomorrow.

    All this is probably off-putting to you, but don't take it that way. These a great speakers and I have given them hell for the years I have had them. I've owned monitors from Spendor, Bowers & Wilkins and Tannoy (the Spendors were the worst for reliability) and all of them had to be serviced at some stage or other.

    The DynAudio's are great for any style of music, but of course you must first and foremost pay attention to your room and spend some time adjusting the placement and roll-offs on the BM6a's to get the best response for your room.

    Good Luck!
  3. ytrehalf

    ytrehalf Guest

    Hey Kinetic, I went through the same process. I actually bought a pair of the small Genelecs. They were incredibly detailed in the upper mids, unbelievably so. I wish I could have afforded to keep them. As it worked out they signed off too high up in the frequencies. I didn't want to mess with a subwoofer and the added cost either, so I sent the Genelecs back and gave the Dynaudios (BM6A) a try.

    They are beautiful sounding monitors. They're very easy on the ears compared to Genelecs. It took a bit to get used to the highs with the Dynaudios because they are very smooth. I had to double check myself in the 7-10k region.

    I'd say get them. They cost a lot less than Genelecs in the States. I don't think that the Genelec monitors do anything that warrants the difference in price.
  4. robchittum

    robchittum Guest

    go for it!!

    I have owned a pair for about a year now and absolutely love mine. Assuming there are no major problems with the room you are mixing in, you will love how your mixes will translate to other systems with a very easy learning curve. I made my decision based on all of the positive posts of people that have used them or own them. I have yet to see anybody that owns them have anything but high praise for them. Good luck.

  5. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    Feb 16, 2001
    Home Page:
    Sold my Mackies after 6 frustrating months of poorly translating mixes. Bought the Dynaudio BM6a's and my mixes finally translate. End of story.
  6. tomtom

    tomtom Guest

    I owned a pair for 2 years, then sold them because I switched for Genelecs 1031 + Sub for a 5.1 setup.
    I pretty much agree with what everybody else is saying.
    I compared them with the Genelecd, liked both for different reasons.
    At that level, it's was matter of taste.
    If you liked them, get them!
  7. Pango2000

    Pango2000 Guest

    Beautiful monitors, I love mine!!
  8. recarbo

    recarbo Guest

    I'm a new guy at this. Over 20 years Ive gone from musician to
    producer to AE. About six years back I purchased Event 20/20bas
    and labored under their inaccurate sonic gaze (I know, SOME of it could be my room!) until, based on posts 6 months back, bought bm6a.

    Like the guy above said, my mixes translate well, CDs in the car
    and in most stereos sound like what I was mixing to at the console.
    It is just amazing to me. How can a company build in the correct
    'curve' (the consumer curve-- where everybody bumps 100-200 hz
    waaay up and also 8-12k)?

    Dynaudio did.

    Dark science...
  9. WDavidW

    WDavidW Guest

    Sweet! It sounds like everybody's really happy with them! Does anyone have any trouble with them near your computer monitor because they aren't shielded? Has this been an issue for anyone?
  10. Pango2000

    Pango2000 Guest

    No trouble, these monitors are shielded.

  11. WDavidW

    WDavidW Guest

    Hmm, the spec sheet i have say's that they're not shielded.
  12. ytrehalf

    ytrehalf Guest

    I was concerned about shielding too, but I've had BM6As on the same shelf with my video monitors for almost a year now and no problems. Apparently the woofers have very large baskets, which works like a shield.

    Just for reference my speakers are about 7" away from the monitor on either side.
  13. 303

    303 Guest

    no they aren't shielded but the magnet is 'inside' of the voice coil so a natural 'shielding' effect happens, so they won't screw with a crt.
  14. poundbloke

    poundbloke Guest

    I have a pair of BM10s and have had them for 10 years now, they definatly translate VERY well, I also have the Mackie HR824s generally I monitor with the mackies as they are even less tireing, but, whenever I mix I ALWAYS at the very least check the mix on the dyns, make all the changes then go back to the mackies and think wow!!! thats MUCH better
  15. lucey

    lucey Guest

    funny, i had both and never used the Mackies as they were annoying in the midrange

    the BM6Aa served me for 5 years until i went to the Adam S3a
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