Anyone know about this pickup?

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    Does anyone know anything about this Dimarzio acoustic pickup?

    DiMarzio Inc. DP136 Super Natural Plus Acoustic Pickup
    The Super Natural Plus is just what its name implies - it goes beyond ordinary-sounding acoustic pickups. The Super Natural Plus is voiced specially for dreadnought-sized guitars, where our combination of incredibly crisp treble and tight bass response will allow acoustic players to deal with real-world problems of feedback and muffled tone. The pickup is built into a plastic cover molded to look like dark-grained rosewood. It installs easily beneath the strings, with shock-absorbing foam lining the inside edges of the mounting brackets to keep the Super Natural Plus in place and protect the soundhole. If necessary, the foam can be cut down to accommodate guitars with smaller soundholes. There are individual adjustable poles for each string, and the built-in 12-foot cable is thin and light, constructed to be strong and durable. A slide volume control is included with the Super Natural Plus is a hassle-free, easy-to-use soundhole acoustic pickups, and the natural choice for outstanding acoustic tone.
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    Not familiar with it, but I can tell you that by far the best acoustic pickup I've ever heard is the K&K. A friend has the Pure Western (recommended by a luthier) on his McCollum and now Lance is playing with them.

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