Anyone try out the M-audio Octane 8 channel PRE


I was just wondering if anyone out there has tried this unit out or has any comments on it, i read at their site that it is 8 of the same pres in the DMP3, the unit has a decent price and i was just wondering if anyone had any comments on it heres a link to the site.[/url

Bobby Loux

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Jan 14, 2003
you'll probably get some unflattering opinions regarding pro-sumer products on this forum. (though I very much hate that term)

the octane just came out at NAMM so I dont even believe there are any reviews of the product let alone users who have purchased that piece...the DMP-3 was a surprisingly popular and useable pre for various applications.

I know that Mackie as well as Studio Projects just rteleased a dedicated 8 channel pre at NAMM as well, so you might want to wait for some reviews on these pieces unless you can audition one yourself.


Cool man thanx, Yea i know i would love some API pres and the higher gear but inorder to afford that i need to get somthing to get me some money from clients, but as u said i have heard good things abou thte dmp3 pres