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    just curious if anyone using dp 4 would have any insight , im currently looking to set up a mobile recording rig that would contain the following:

    focusrite octapre mic pre's x3
    motu 24i/o
    powermac 2.0 or 2.5 dp with 3 gigs of ram
    digital performer 4

    that would give me 24 simultaneous tracks of recording for live shows, would upgrade to 48 at a later time, if anyone has any experice with a setup similair to this id like to hear some feedback, im not sure the mac could handle 24 tracks being recorded at once without hiccups. also, if anyone has any experience with the focusrite pres or if theres any in the same price range that are better.

    i'd like to just go the pro tools route , but im pretty sure i cant get 24 tracks in with the LE system, and i dont have the money to go
    the HD route if anyone can help id appreciate it .thanks
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    Not sure if you still need an answer, but you should have no problems. I was running a beige G3 tower with a G4 500MHz upgrade and an ATA 133 card. I had no problems getting 24 mono tracks with some Waves plug-ins on several of them. I haven't pushed my 1.2GHz G4 Cube yet but processor performance barely registers with 8 tracks and a bit of Waves.
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    Jul 25, 2004
    mixman the octapre is fine! not something special! it's a little above average pre! but i wouldn't buy that thing!
    maybe check out the following option!

    motu traveler or motu 828 mkII and regarding pre-amps i'd go with maybe some 4 very good pre-amps, a octopre and maybe a behringer ada8000! this way you can use the 4 very good pres like the sebatron on what it fits best and so on...
    just sticking to one option may not be good!
    regarding overload it's fine! i've recorded 12 tracks with my motu straight to a firewire disc with no problems and used my old pentium 1.5 and did a test recording the 20 tracks to the main disc! there weren't problems! i use my dual 2.5 with 1536 ram with 30 tracks and 10 automations and 40 plug ins and it's fine!
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    You may consider using an Apogee Big Ben to clock the 24 i/o. During my last project, the studio I tracked at was using a 2408MkII to be the D/A for the Apogee PSX-100 and an Arrdvark Arrdsync as a master clock. The difference in the MOTU converters with and without the Arrdsync was night and day. The MOTU sounded great on its own but a little dark and jittery. Since Arrdvark seems to be no more, the Big Ben looks to be a great alternative. I use an Apogee MiniMe for A/D and also lock my Delta66 card to it. It made that nice little card a whole lot nicer!
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    3GB RAM may be overkill, currently in OS 10.3x apps can access 2GB.

    This may change with the release of Tiger, check the Apple site for details.


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