Anyone using Cubase with Fireface ?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by moleman, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. moleman

    moleman Active Member

    Jan 31, 2012
    Santa Rosa, Ca
    I am pulling my hair out on this one: I desire to monitor a track in Cubase directly, not via my fireface 800 & Totalmix so that I can record with plugins if desired. I have the track speaker icon selected and direct monitoring via the Fireface unchecked in Cubase device setup.(Select Devices>Device Setup>fireface Asio driver page) In the totalmix mixer window I have the tracks input channel muted. I am hearing what sounds like a 500 millisecond or greater! delay leading me to believe there is a routing problem somewhere in my Totalmix setup. It does not appear to be a delay caused by any driver issue or buffer setting. The driver is the latest version from RME and they swear by it. The buffer setting can be set to any buffer size and the delay is still present. The input latency is 2.271 and output latency is 3.333 at 48 samples and at 256 samples the latency is 6.271 input and 7.333 output It does not change with different project sample rates as well.
    If anyone uses Cubase with Totalmix I need your help. Perhaps you can guide me through your setup. I have posted at RME's forum but have not found any answers.

    Windows 7 home premium
    service pack 1
    Intel i7 CPU 960@3.20 GHz
    12.0 GB RAM
    64/32 bit

    Fireface 800 2.77/3.062 - using firewire 800

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