Anyone using JLM TMP-8 pres?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by jonyoung, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. jonyoung

    jonyoung Well-Known Member

    Dec 31, 2003
    I'm starting to do some research into a bank of higher quality pres for tracking, and these caught my interest. I read Kurt's review, now looking for feedback from the field. I emailed Joe Malone to see if there were any here in Nashville, but so far, they haven't made the "third coast" yet. Maybe I'll be the first.........
  2. dudge

    dudge Active Member

    Jan 28, 2004
    Just FYI
    I e-mailed Joe awhile ago to ask if he had plans for a two channel unit in the future.
    He said they may have a two channel by the end of the year.

    They sound interesting to me, too.
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    I also posted some sound clips of the TMP in action ...

    I found the TMP8 to have a sound between the Focusrite Red range and an API ... If that agressive cear bell like quality is what you are looking for, I recommend the TMP 8. I was very disappointed when I had to return the review unit ...
  4. jonyoung

    jonyoung Well-Known Member

    Dec 31, 2003
    Thanks Kurt, that gives me a good idea of what I'd be getting, and I like it!
  5. yodermr1

    yodermr1 Guest

    Well, I got one recently. Looking to jump to the next level as well. Searched high and low for the best price/channel. This was it. After reading Kurts review and hearing samples, I was willing to give it a try out. Joe said it was fine to return it if it didn't work out for me. The risk was the shipping cost.

    So what do I think? I'll start with two points...
    1. Been recording as a hobby for 20 years. Playing guitar for 25. Have used everything from a tascam 4 track cassette, tascam 8 track cassette with a Soundtracs FME board, Teac ?-8 reel to reel, roland all-in one box-o-crap and finally an Aardvark Q10. Needed more inputs because by the end of the summer I will open a home studio for business. I was getting great reviews on my recording abilities with my setup so I wanted to take the next step and do it for a little more than fun. This is a reference point for my opinion.
    2. My studio is in turmoil right now. Finishing touches on wood work and getting ready to tear everything out for a new floor. Sold my Mackie HR824 monitors (didn't like high high end, low end was flabby) Auditioned a few, genelec, yahama, and JBL. Getting the JBL LSR28s. They havn't arrived yet. I'm left with some sound blaster cubes and headphones

    Have had the JLM for 4 days now, tried my 4 year old daughter's vocal (SP C3), my guitar and a friends guitar (SM57).

    With all that as a reference (long on details uh??) I'll say this. Much better than my Q10, would describe it as better depth and smoother in the high end, noticable better than the Q10. Better defined low end. LOVE the limiters. Joe set them for my Aark24 - CAN"T seem to clip it any more;-). Very nice.

    Once I get the monitors and the room turned around I could report more. Already have 3 customers wanting to record here. Very excited and very pleased so far.

  6. bcarr

    bcarr Guest

    I'm also looking into an 8 channel preamp unit. What did/do these units cost? How long does it take to get one once it is ordered? Does it have an A/D converter option with it or is it just preamps?

    Right now I am considering the RME OctaMic-D because I trust their converters but I'm not sure if their preamps are anything to write home about. I don't need a lot of color in the preamps because not be recording rock music, mostly acoustic music and jazz.
  7. jonyoung

    jonyoung Well-Known Member

    Dec 31, 2003
    yodermr1, Thanks for the early reports. I built my room last year after freelancing around for years. I'm getting better than expected results with my room and gear so far, but I know what a huge leap really good pres can make. Good luck with your construction, glad to be done with mine, even with 25 years in the remodel and cabinet biz. bcarr, the price is based on exchange rate. As of last week, shipped to Nashville it was a hair over $2k, pretty decent price for 8 pres with limiters, especially if they compare with Focusrite Reds or API's. :D

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