Anyone using Paris?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by anonymous, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    Just finished reading the review of Ensoniq's Paris in the latest TapeOp, and am curious if anyone here is using it? They gave it a great review in the magazine. If it truly sounds that good...I'd be interested to take a listen. Any comments on this system??? Anyone have any music to listen to that's been recorded on that system?


  2. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    Has anyone used Paris at all??!???
  3. adrianh

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    Nov 21, 2001
    Selma, North Carolina, USA
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    I may not be the exact person to ask.
    2 things I do know.
    At the 1999 AES Paris had way better sound quality
    than P r o T o o l s. That was before the PT HD thing. But bad sounding digital is just plain bad.
    the whole world is jumping on a poor sounding band wagon and do you want to join them or go againest the grain.

    #2 We are setting up a 48 track Paris studio soon and I am going to use this hardware till it falls apart I am then going to glue the wheels back on it an go some more. You cannot beat it for sound quality per dollar. Remember this puppie has gone obsolete and if not having a company to back it is a issue for you this may not be the DAW for you. Are you looking for the hardware?

    I hang out a tech talk all day long.
  4. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    Hi adrianh,

    Thanks for the info. That's kind of what I've heard about Paris, is that it sounds very good. I am an avid ProTools user...who switched to MOTU...and is now looking for something that sounds better. It sounds like for the money, Paris can't be beat. I'm looking at full blown systems on eBay, and they're going for nothing. I am definately taking a long hard look at this system.

    Do you know if it's easy to use? Is it as easy as ProTools?
  5. Dedric

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    Paris is easy to use. It doesn't have the editing prowess of Protools or Nuendo, but it is really easy to mix in, and editing isn't easy enough. The built-in, per channel EQs are good (transparent at least), and the compressors are quite usable (albeit different than traditional comps in behavior - which I like for some things). It's really easy to track in, which is what I use it for. The converters are good (not as good as $2k and up units, but for the money at this point really hard too beat). I produce and mix in Nuendo 2 moving tracks to/from Paris digitally in real time, or via OMF.
  6. neonknight

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    guys, can Paris control surface be used to control anything else but the dedicated software? I have one controller extra, and I could use it to control sonar or ptle, but i guess this won't work, right?
  7. Cucco

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    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA

    Yeah, I used her for a while, made a video or two, but now I'm done with her. :twisted:

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