Anyone using SAW?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by trock, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. trock

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    Aug 20, 2004
    I found out about this just about a month ago and purchased the basic edition. i had never heard of this before and coudn't believe how little info is out there on this product??

    so far it has been the best sounding DAW i have ever used. i ended up selling my 2480 and got rid of cubase to work with just SAW

    anyway i am trying to find out why no one has heard of this?? or for those who have is there any negative issues with it??

    the other thing was the support of this product. SAW forum is run and hosted by the actual developer so when i have had questions the actual person writing the code/programs has answered me, and very quickly too.

    after steinberg this was unbelievable

    anyway just trying to get some feedback on this

  2. ob

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    I suggest going to Google Groups and searching (RAP) - i have done this research in the past and there is a lot of commentary about SAW.
  3. Thomaster

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    before anyone uses it, i highly recommend looking at this url:
    and look what he says about dither and s/r-conversion... way out..

    by the way, that bob lentini kinda reminds me of that old italian man at the market still trying to sell his 'fresh' fish at 17:00h :roll:
  4. considering how quickly things move in the computer and software industry, that article (dated 2001) is practically antique. It's definately info to base a decision on. :roll:

    Anyone interested in thinking for themselves, instead of taking someones word for it, might want to get some first hand experience with the product. It's easy and free. Just pop on over to the SAWStudio website and download the demo. Give it a work out. If you have questions that the helpfile can't answer check out the demo vids and ask questions on the user forum.
  5. Funny how things change in FOUR YEARS! lol :)

    Not only does sawstudio offer 9 types of dither, it has one of the best sample-rate conversions in the industry right now... IN REALTIME!

    I think one would be more wise to base their decision on more recent data. Im sure we could go back and look at protools, or cubase or samplitude in 2001 and have quite a laugh as well :)

    Pretty much everything in that post that you linked to is wrong in the ucrrent version of saw. In fact, most of the things pointed as being "bad" or "outdated", sawstudio now does as good, or better than any other audio software. Saw is also totally skinnable...

    IF you have any questions about the software, discounted pricing or anything in general feel free to email me audiolabs [at] or call 727-501-6266

    You can also visit the very active and friendly forum at http://

    Have a good day everyone!
  6. Mostly very outdated. The product is updated very often (for free) with nearly every reported bug fixed and reasonable feature requests implemented.

    It would be best to look at the website, try the software (and contact me if you have any questions at all, you'd be surprised what saw can do!)
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