API 3124B+ being put to a "different" use

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by FMNYC, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. FMNYC

    FMNYC Guest

    hi all!

    new guy here, thank you in advance for any advice you guys might have.
    here's the deal:

    trying to mix out of the box these days and beginning to get gear together (little by little) that will enable to finally do it all OTB someday.

    the rig:

    rosetta AD - the 2 channel old one
    mini-dac 2 - the 2 channel new one
    motu 2408 mk3
    mindprint dtc pre

    the plan:

    well, the original plan was: come out of the mk3 eight 1/4" outs via DSUB into an API Line Mixer 8200a for summing, eventually get an D/A converter with more outs so i will not have to use my 2408 D/A converters, the motu converters will have to do for now.
    out of the 8200a and into my rosetta as a stereo track and i'm done.

    the question:

    i recently took notice of the 3124MB+.
    so i go to thinking, if i get that piece i will still be able to get four mono tracks out of the computer (or two stereo) sum them in the 3124MB+ and then back in via my rosetta.
    i believe the 3124MB+ has a stereo return in the back.
    the reason for going this way is that i will then have more than just a line mixer, i will have four API pre's and a line mixer. plus the ability to further adjust gain etc using API's circuitry.
    the downside is that i will not be able to run as many tracks out of my machine at a time but i don't mind, i got plenty of beer.

    what do you guys think?
    good idea or am i smoking the crack pipe?



    FM... film at eleven.

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