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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by yenne, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. yenne

    yenne Guest

    Is anyone know it? How does it sound?

    It looks perfect to use with a laptop...

    Here's a link to the product:
  2. igloo

    igloo Guest

    Hi Yenne

    I own the Apogee Mini-Me and I'm very happy with it. While it sounds great and is portable and flexible device (Direct Input, Line in, Mic Preamp, Soft Limit and Compressor, A/D Converter and USB interface) I wouldn't recommend it as an audio interface because USB is not a very stable port.

    If you could hook it to a VX Pocket in your laptop via S/PDIF, you would more covered.

    Good luck!

    Rodrigo Montfort
  3. yenne

    yenne Guest

    Gracias Rodrigo :wink:

    yeah, i'm quite reluctant to use usb, i'll see that VX pocket...
  4. mkruger

    mkruger Guest

    I have seen many people using these attached to DATs to record indoor and outdoor concerts. I'm sure it works just as well with the laptop. Of course a DAT will be more reliable. I always ask how they like it and they always say they love it. If you need to make a two track recording I'm sure you'll be happy with the sound quality.

    I would go to the DAT first and then dump to a laptop. One because of reliablility and two because of portability. But thats just me.
  5. yenne

    yenne Guest

    Well, that would be to record voice, guitar and bass.

    As I'm most of the time on the road, i want to be able to record whenever i need and mix it under cubase sx. By the way a laptop appear to be only suitable solution for me.(i also already have one)

    I've been checking usb/firewire external soundcards but it seems that it's poor quality particularly on preamps and converters...

    As everybody seem to be satisfied with it, I'm gonna buy it.
    I'll test it on usb first to see how it goes, if i get stability issues i'll see to buy a vx pocket or something similar.

    If any of you is interested in, i can give feedback about this machine :wink:
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