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apogee trak2

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by reddb, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. reddb

    reddb Guest

    I was just wondering what are peoples feelings toward the apogee trak2 mic pre/di and 24/96 conversion system compared to others in the price?
  2. Macaroni

    Macaroni Guest

    I can't compare the Trak2 to other similarly priced units, but I can say that it is a fantastic unit. I use it for overdubs of most instruments and especially vocals.

    I'm also using it as the master clock for my setup. I send the clock to an Aardvark SyncDA, which then distributes the clock to my tc M3000 and RME Multiface.

    I honestly wouldn't have bought it if I had to pay the usual street prices of about $3,500 +/-. By good luck, I found a new unit on eBay for $2,300 from Alto Music in NY state.

    For what they're asking for it, I wish they would have at least put a stereo D/A on it. You used to be able to buy that, but now they don't make it anymore.

    But the mic pres are very good and the Apogee A/D conversion and clock are superb, so all in all, it's part of the heart of my setup.


    Mac G4
    Logic Platinum
  3. reddb

    reddb Guest

    ok. since the a/d converter is already built in does this mean its not wise or i cant apply effects before its actually recorded?
  4. heinz

    heinz Guest


    The Trak2 has balanced line in/out which enables you to put f/x in line before A/D. In fact the unit has super-flexible routing, so you can route anything into the line-in's to hit the a/d. And with the optional d/a hardware installed you can easily route from your DAW out to f/x and back in, as well as running your monitors off the high-quality d/a and other cool uses.

    These are going pretty cheap on eBay now... I just sold mine w/8DAC & ADAT for around $2200. Would never have sold it if I hadn't needed 8ch A/D, it was a great sounding box. Ended up buying a Rosetta 800.
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