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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by hnoormohamed, Apr 30, 2001.

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  1. hnoormohamed

    hnoormohamed Guest

    I am trying to sync the D8B and HDR 24/96 via an Apogee Word Clock card. The D8B is the Master, therefore, when I go into the Setup screen, I set the clock to Word Clock, and same on the HDR 24/96.

    When I try to sync, I get a Lock Error. Can anybody help me ?. May be I am doing something wrong in configuring these two machines.


  2. You do have the HDR set to External clock source, right?
    How are you connecting the clock output from the D8B to the HDR?
  3. <Double posted>
  4. Have you gotten this working yet?
    If not, where are you in trying to resolve this?

    If you did, could you please post your solution so others can learn from your experience?
  5. ferris230

    ferris230 Guest

    I wish I knew more about the midi time code and all that. But my best advice is to take variables out. Try taking that nice board out of the chain, Make the HDR chase for you while recording, midi and sound coming from that other machine...leaVING only audio to come through the board. SEE if that works. IT did for me while I did all my adat transfers . I didn't even have a completed midi loop. and she was lockin.

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