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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by sorrowthief, Oct 15, 2003.

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    Ok since my last post I have read a lot on the forums and I have come to believe that I like the Ardvark. I cant decide which software would be best for my needs to go with this. I basically want to record high quality demos of my band, laying down live drums, hot vocals, the whole 9 yards. I dont have much use for midi stuff and most of my recording would be from live instruments with a mic on them. For how i am recording what software do u suggest and do you think Ardvark is a good choice for me as well?
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    Hi Sorrowthief, try Emailing or contacting a recording studio that uses the aardvark breakout box or something similar, this will be in their equipment list section, a working studio is the best place to find out whether or not the gear you are going to purchase is up to the task. I did this b4 getting my gear and from the 5 emails i sent i recieved 3 replies all of them quite happy to give me advice. I ended up on getting a layla 24bit breakout box and soundcard and am using cubase SL. Good Luck. :roll:
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    The aardvarks are great! They do alot and are very versatile. We use them in the studio every day. Use the q-10 with Cubase SX and you'll be on your way. Here is our website...
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    I have a single Q10 and would like a second one for live performance recording. Up to four Q10 can be used, if your computer has room for four PCI cards.

    Is there a simple answer favoring use of Cubase instead of Sonar 2.2 XL?
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    The Aardvark Q10 is supposed to have some great mic pres, if I recall. That's very important if want want to capture quality sound.
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    I've used the Aardvark DirectPro with Sonar and it's great. In fact I think it ships with Cakewalk 9 (which you could use, but you'd want to upgrade eventually).

    I'd also suggest you look at the Tascam FW1884. It's got 8 mic pre's also only all 8 are phantom powered (Q10 has 4 phantom powered), plus its got ADAT I/O as well if you want to add channels that way. You'll find recording a band that you never have enough channels.

    The FW is also a bitchin' control surface so even though it's a little more then the Q10, I think it's worth it by a lot. That said, I also find the aark stuff to be real solid.

    my $.02

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