Are macs really better?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by analogboy, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. analogboy

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    I am going to be getting a protools set up in the near future and am wondering if I should take advice from a friend and get a mac to go with it. He is pretty adamant that macs are way better than pc's for protools, and multimedia apps in general. Although I don't entirely disagree with him, I really don't think I will need a new computer, as I have a pretty good gaming PC (Athlon 64 4000+, 2.5gb RAM, 200GB HD) I know he uses his protools set up with a mac powerbook with inferior specs to mine, but should I consider getting a mac dedicated to recording? Thanks
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    Feb 15, 2006
    I wont get into a MAC/PC war, but my opinion, being a Protools user for the last 13 years, I prefer Protools on Macs. The gap is closing as Macs are now Intel, but OSX still outshines Windows.

    Which ever system you choose, I would highly dedicate it to recording, and NEVER write audio files to your boot drive, spend a couple more buck, for a dedicated record drive. If youre going to do a high track count, consider 2 audio record drives.
  3. that is some good advice. with windows going vista its going to have buggs like crazy. Mac has had the same OS for some time now and it is a pretty solid platform.
  4. moisiss

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    Unless you have to choose right away, I would wait and see how it runs on your current system before buying another computer. I have a feeling that it would run very well on the computer that you already have.

    I think, depending on how serious you are about recording, it would be good to have a dedicated recording machine that you ONLY use for recording (i.e. no internet/games/etc.). But that's in a perfect world where everyone has enough cash laying around for a spare computer or two! Personally, I only have the option to have one computer (right now).... so I do everything on it. It works very well for my purposes.

    One final thought. The difference in hardware between the two (mac/pc) are virtually non-existent... the only major difference being the software (OSX vs. Windows). So it really comes down to if you like OSX or Windows better....
  5. jonyoung

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    Dec 31, 2003
    It seems that Macs are definitely the preferred box for running PT. I'm a PC user (Sonar) and recently saw a post on another forum about an engineer that did a session for Mary K Blige recently and ran both Sonar 6 and PT TDM. The Sonar rig tracked 48 tracks simultaneously on a dual core PC running either XP Pro or Vista, don't remember which. The PT rig required two Mac G5's to manage the same track count. There's no pat depends on which software you're set on using as to which box is best for you.
  6. Big_D

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    Aug 21, 2004
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    Great answers guys!

    PT tends to run a little more efficiently on a MAC but the real advantage is no hardware issues. PT written for MAC's is based on 1 OS, 1 Processor & 1 Chipset etc. This leads to clean and easy installs with little to no issues down the road.

    With PC's the hardware variables can sometimes lead to install or operational issues. The advantage of PC's is obvious, POWER! Which equals more tracks/effects etc.

    My advice mirrors what was said earlier, since you already have a very nice machine why not see how it performs. If it suits your needs then you can spend the money you would have spent on a Mac on some nice mics or a great pre or something.

    Good luck!
  7. analogboy

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I might as well see how it runs on this system. I like the idea of getting a HD specifically for recording, as I have lost some files in the past due to windows BS. How are the plugins that come with Protools. My biggest problem with Cubase right now is trying to find a good reverb and delay plugin. I have a pack of plugins by Kjaerhus called the gold series and wanted to know how the PT plugins stack up.
  8. IIRs

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    Oct 23, 2005
    Any particular reason to run PT? You will have more plugs to choose from if you go with a DAW that supports the VST spec...

    I suggest you demo Tracktion before spending any money:

    (Tracktion is cross-platform, so you could still go mac later if you want... plus you get a much wider range of audio interfaces to choose from.)
  9. analogboy

    analogboy Guest

    Well, I have a friend who uses a pro tools set up to record his band. He did their EP on pro tools by renting an 8 mic pre amp and an A/D converter. His recordings basically sound amazing, and are as close to CD quality that I think you can get in a home studio. I basically want his exact set up. I have tried cubase to mix, and I can't find any good plug ins for reverb and such. But I want to do alot of research before I drop all this money.
  10. HansAm

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    Jun 4, 2005
    I would'nt care to much if its MAC or PC. The "computers" outgrew audiorecording over 10 years ago. So, imho, it does'nt matter.

    "MAC: Crash in a different way."
  11. SoundWeavers

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    Go with a MAC if you are going to depend on the machine for professional use. PT 6 to 7 is very stable and reliable on Mac OSX.

    I have PT on a WinXP PC and laptop(mBox), too, for noodling around, experimenting and exploring features.

    Since you already have a gaming PC with nice specs, then try using it first before plunking down hard cash on Mac system.

    But for professional day in/day out work I trust my PowerMac G5 (dedicated to audio recording only) and it always delivers. You don't want to be thinking about computer and software stuff during sessions - it's got to be about the sounds and music - you can concentrate more on the session if your system is stable.

    my 2 cents. good luck with your choice.
  12. huub

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    Yes.. macs are better..


    I have used pc's for years, always was happy,
    but now that I have a mac, I am very very convinced that a mac is better for any a/v stuff, even using the same mac for internet/anything... I was planning to use it for audio only, but it just doesn't matter I have found out..
    same thing for some of my video collegues who run fcp on macbook pro's with fw hd/sd interfaces, do broadcast quality editing on em, and also use their laptop for internet/printing, whatever, no complaints from them either..
  13. Jonesey

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    Mar 25, 2003
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    Love macs, But they're are not cheap. If you can make it work on your PC do it. Between the 2, I would get a Mac if costs wasn't an issue.

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