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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by drakem, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Hello everybody
    I´ve searched the forum but couldnt find a clear answer.

    We run a studio here in Namibia, but most of the time we are busy arranging the stuff poeple are bringing to us.After that it goes on CD.Often they just give us a MIDI with a draft voice and let us work on that. Is it still arranging or co-composing?
    Often during the process the song changes its own character, for example last time some send us a tape with his voice and piano accomp. Than he asked us to arrange it as a dance tune, although on the tape it was a "pathfinder" ballad. He was happy and loves HIS SONG ;)
    Still arrangement?
    Some poeple just come to the studio with only melody and say we hve to do the beat. I think you cant consider it arranging anymore.

    Last question

    One guy made a song with us for 5 months. He brought us in the beginning only a midi. We changed everything,even the whole structure of the song, he was happy. We finished the song, he payed, now he play it on the radio.Point
    Now he phoned us he wants the multitrack to remix it. Can he do it? He sad he payed us so even the multitrack is his.

    Could you guys give us some ideas on contracts we should do, or if you know some links so we can read a bit more about.
    Thank You in advance


    Sorry for my english. :oops:
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    Ok I can give you the facts.

    Your role in all of this is that of a producer.. Unfortunately producers dont usually own any rights in the song or soundrecording they are asked to produce.

    The owner of the master or multitrack tape is the individual who payed for the recording.
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    Thank You for reply

    But at least they must give us credit as producers, or not?

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    Hi Wojtek

    I think Namibia falls under South Africa as far as rights goes. Maybe head over to, the home of the Composers Association of SA and leave a message there. There are a lot of guys connected to NORM and SAMRO (the SA versions of ASCAP and BMI) who would be able to give you relevant local answers.

    Greetings from a really wet Pretoria

  5. drakem

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    Hi robin

    Greetings from Windhoek. We had a lot of rain as well. Unusuall for Namibia ;)

    Thank You for the link. Unfortunatly it says "under development" :shock:
    Do you have any other information?.

    We here have NASCAM (sort of artist assiosiation) but there is nobody working during the day :lol: . Normal for Namibia. But even when they work they dont know anything. Here in Namibia you hear a lot of published music in commercials, in the radio, I dont think they even pay copyrights fees. Again normal for Namibia :twisted: .
    At least US Copyright Office has an agreement with Namibia. I had to explain it to the folk at NASCAM :twisted:.

    I´ll try to find something on ananzi.

    Thank you

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    Doh, lets try again... will work better me thinks :oops:

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