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    Feb 21, 2005
    Hi every 1 i have been out of touch from this great website for quite sometime but now i have a band and we sighned a contract with a management company , we the artist take care of just the music creation and the management takes care of the revenue that comes to the band but without consulting with the band it tells the band that we received this much and that much has been spent over you. now its been 3 to 4 deals gone like this, but now we just wanted the company to share all the expenses that are spent from their side on the band and the revenue that comes from sponsors to the band.
    the management agrees to share this info with us but later on dilly dally's somehow.
    we recently told them that since the management are equal partners so its artists right to know this and we should create a joint account that will tell us how much the management is investing on us and when and how much is the band getting from another contracted client.
    so can any 1 help me , whether artist is doing the right thing or not ? what is the best possible way of resolving this issue. i would be grateful to any help.

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