ASIO / WDM and generic firepod latency questions...

Discussion in 'Computing' started by slowjett, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. slowjett

    slowjett Guest

    Im pretty much a noob to the actual recording with this firepod, i have a few questions. I jsut got it the other day.

    I was read somwhere that if I use the WDM drivers I can get a lower latency. Now there is 0 options for WDM in Cubase LE only asio. Why is this not available? What do you think about that? What software would have this option?

    Monitoring: This just seems weird to me, they say i can have 0 latency monitoring.. But I cant listen to playback at the same time while recording with 0 latency?? I dont really get it. If I want to mix between playback and monitor, im still getting the echo from the latency (vox). 3ms? Why should i have to choose? I cant monitor my playback while I record vocals or whatever without latency??

    Whats an acceptable latency for you guys? Am i jsut looking at this whole thing from the wrong angle?

    thanks for your time.

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