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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Davedog, May 2, 2006.

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    Hi kids...Just want to let everyone who cares to know that at long last The Spitboys will begin actual tracking on the new record. At this point it is anticipated that these will be be beyond the 'preproduction' stuff we've been bandying about the last couple of months

    My old studio partner from the wayback past has reconnected and he'll be engineering so the ole Dogg can be talent for a change.

    He'll bring a portion of the mic collection in which will include 2 Neumann U87's from the 70's, older version SM81's and MD409 Sennheisers. Maybe the 4060 AT mic also. With my modest little collection this should get us what we want which everything is louder than everything else.....just kidding.... but I AM going for BIG in these sessions.

    To help this, I've gotten the use of a new PreSonus ADL600 micpre. My local Audio Professional suggested we try it out as he hasnt heard it either and needs a report. I will be posting a review on this puppy soon....stay tuned. We've gotten a SansAmp DI/bass pre for the direct work for the bass and so far its been surprisingly decent. I'm thinking that a blend of this device and the mic'd up B15 head and the Harvey Gurlitz cab is going to sound really fine. The basses will be the same old stuff....56 Pbass,65 Pbass,Yamaha 5string(active) and new this year is my latest acquisition, the Guild Pilot bass, also active.

    We're going to try and stick a click track into this set of songs simply because of the fact we mix and do postproduction on an HD3 rig with ALL the bells and whistles and there are some very very cool sounds out there that can be utilized easily with a timecode of some sort. For those who know what The Spitboys sound like, you know this is a great departure for us.

    Anyway...enough of this. Lots more soon on the ADL600 micpre. If it sounds half as good as it looks it'll be a winner, and I'm thinking the large amount of acoustic instrument tracks and the vintage Neumanns should really show its nature.
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    Davedog, im totally new to this forum, and i am not Famillar with the Spitboys. but sounds like a good time... Gratz on kicking things off and cant wait to hear the review on the ADL600. Everything I have read about it has really gotten my hopes up, so dont let me down 8)

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