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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by remco, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. remco

    remco Guest

    I'm going Shopping for 4-8 pre's

    budget in Euro's 1000-2000

    Wich to buy ?

    • Audient asp8 [list:0b613d1442]Euro 1400 8 pres
    ATI 8MX2 if its realy good
    • Euro 2400 8 pres
    Mackie onyx
    • Euro 1200 8 pres
    Sp828 ???
    • Euro 750 8 pres
    • Euro 800 4 pres
    Couple d&r mic-amp (stereo)
    • Euro 300 per stereo Unit .....8 pres would be Euro 1200

    The pre's i now got are Allen , Heath & brunnel system 8 -2416 (1983)
    RME quadmic (4 pres)
    Recorder :HD24XR

    Suggestion's are welcome

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    I'm not sure what 2000 Euros will convert to in USD ... but for $2200 USD you can get a JLM TMP8.

    I have recently recieved one (of the new version) of this mic pre manufactured in Austrilia by JLM . The TMP is a transformer, op amp based solid state pre built around the same approach as APIs and Focusrite "Red Range" pres.

    I did a complete album with a punk band and I was (and am still) very impressed with the sound of it on drums. The kick and snare tones are some of the best I have ever gotton (with my drums). The TMP8 has defeatable soft limiters on each channel that allow you to really push the pres for a Neve type sound. I highly recommmend these pres to everyone. At 2200 for 8 channels, the TMP8 weighs in as one of the most affordable (on a per channel basis) mic pres around.

    The D&R would be of intrest IMO. I can't remeber exactly what they sound like (it's been a long time since I heard or used them) but I seem to remember them as clean and colorless and that company has a good rep in the pro audio community. I think these are manufactured in The Netherlands where the general consensus seems to be biased towards the "transparent" type of pre.
  3. remco

    remco Guest

    I'm going to check those

    Yes, there dutch

    All the buzz i hear over here(I'm Dutch) is loud ,phat, toob, warm etc,etc

  4. remco

    remco Guest

    how about sebatron, it just fit in my price range
    Damn only 4 pres ;)


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